Dec 15, 2013

A "Purely" Grand Opening

.....and a rather "grand" give-away!!
A friend of mine is doing a lovely give-away to celebrate the launch of her brand new blog...."PureOne Impressions"
She's created three hand made ornaments using stamps from our friend Roc who designs rubber stamps for Stampotique.
There will be THREE for each ornament. Soo.....head on over there and share some blog love.

Dec 5, 2013

A "Roc"ing Team

StampotiqueIf you've ever dreamed of being part of a fab design team....your time may be here. 
My friend Roc, who designs rubber stamps for Stampotique, is putting together her own design team.
You can be part of it too!!  If you click HERE you'll be taken to her blog where all the information is there for you to read and maybe apply!!
Good luck to you!!

Nov 12, 2013

Girls Weekend

Once a least...I try to have a little "girl time" with a buddy of mine. This has been going on for quite some time now.
This time there were even more good reasons to make the time....between her recent illness and the loss of a much loved pet. Sooo....while I'm not a fan of the drive up to Maine....I headed out on Friday afternoon. Even with daylight saving time I still managed to get there before dark!!
What a fun weekend. Ann really knows how to plan activities to keep us busy. Another one of her friends, Kathi, came over the first night to have dinner with us (which she provided) and enjoy a movie. The movie was a bit of a dud....but the conversation and wine made up for that.
The next day we started with two farmers markets!! Amazing collections of produce and assorted yumminess along with live music. Not a bad way to start the day. From there we did a bit of shopping (yes, some paper purchases were involved) right down to driving out into the wilderness to purchase an item from a person right from their home. Gives a whole new meaning to "cottage industry"  Afterward there was some arts & crafts time at the house while dinner was made using some of that fresh produce.
The next morning we were off after picking up Kathi to see the elephants in Hope, Maine.....Opal & Rosie. It is a tiny preserve but incredibly interesting. Nice to see some very old elephants in poor health being taken care of so well. Great job!!
Later we drove over to Rockland, Maine to a place Ann had been dying to take me. It is "Fiore" amazing artisan olive oil & vinegar shop. Wow....was way more than I expected. I've honestly never seen so many varieties of oil & vinegar before!! They have tiny little paper cups for you to go around tasting anything that sounds interesting to you. I had my doubts about actually tasting so much of this...but before long...I was into it!! The people there we quite knowledgeable and friendly and were able to answer any questions. When you decide what you'd like...they bottle it right there in front of you!!
I came home with a tangerine vinegar, a lemon vinegar, a Tuscan herb oil and a garlic oil. I already see tons of use for these. In fact...I just used the lemon vinegar along with the Tuscan oil this evening to make a dressing for our dinner salad....and it was amazing!!! We both went back for seconds!!
What a fun weekend. was soo good to see you....even if you did give me a new "Fiore" addiction.
Seriously....if you can....go take a girls weekend. It's good for you!!

Nov 2, 2013

Another Installment

 For the second time, my art has become part of a permanent collection at one of the locations for the Boston Children's Hospital!!
The first collection I became a part of was for their Weymouth, Ma location.
This time I was called about doing work for the hospital's newest No.Dartmouth, very own town!!

Well, months have gone by and the place is finally completed and running. All the art has been it was time to go and take a peek. I just adore the very Art Deco look of this building!

A lovely lady there greeted me and happily pointed out where all four pieces now hang in their new home. They've also all been given new matching wooden frames.
My seaturtle now greets everyone right in the main entrance/waiting room.

The two little birds...the plover and seagull keep each other company in the hall outside the exam rooms.

The whale tail has now found it's new home right inside one of those exam rooms!!

I'm delighted that my art will once again be in a place that will help to put smiles on lots of little faces!!

Oct 21, 2013

Always inspired

That's how I feel after a day of giving a new Torn Paper Paintings workshop.
The students who come in, not really sure what they are getting into but leave with such joy and excitement (and great piece of art) become a true inspiration to me as well.
This past weekend was another of these fun days. I did a day long workshop at the Wickford Art Assoc. in RI.
I think my favorite comment of the day came after only 15mins of beginning the class when Carol announced, "Wow...I think I've learned more than enough new stuff already...not sure my brain can retain anything more!"  Gotta tell the person doing the teaching, you really can't ask for  Luckily we got Carol to hang in there for the day without having her head explode...and she left a happy gal :)
It wasn't a huge class, but they certainly were a productive one. They painted up a batch of beautiful rice papers which they were excited to use in their art pieces.
                                                             Here is a sampling of some of the great work that came from the day!

I think you'll be quite inspired as well. Think about it.....these folks had never done this technique before that day.

The next workshop is in a couple of weeks at the Westport Art Group in MA. Registration information is on their if you feel like having a great day of art inspiration....hurry up and sign up now.  Hope to see you!

Oct 5, 2013

A new beginning!!

The beginning of what I hope will be a long and very happy marriage for my beautiful daughter Sarah and new son-in-law Eric!!
The wedding was last weekend and it was just perfect. For a late Sept. day in New couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weather day. Not a cloud in the sky and the temps falling above normal.
The bride and groom looked stunning and had the most beautiful wedding party beside them! My mother-in-law was the minister to marry them. Of course, as you might expect, she choked up just a tiny bit upon starting to preform her own granddaughters wedding....which then touched us all...but after that wedding went on flawlessly.
I thought I'd share a few pictures with you of this very special event.
Sarah & Eric...may you have many many years of happiness together!! ♥

Sep 22, 2013

Rolling along many ways, things are rolling along right now.
I've been a busy bee all summer season with art...for shows, the gallery, collections, as well as workshops (two more to go)....not to mention that my daughters wedding is next week!!!

Soo...with my husband away this weekend at a boat show and some free time to actually play in the artroom a bit....I tried out a process for making some rolling stamps. Yes...kind of a "rubber stamp"...but you can roll it. I read an article in a Cloth Paper Scissors project ebook and just had to give it a spin :)
I cut patterns out of fun foam...but I actually bought fun foam that had an adhesive backing on it already. After cutting my patterns out...I realized I could save them and then attach them to another roll to create both a positive & a negative stamp. Nice.
I used the pipe insulation as the base for the rolling stamp. Yes...I realize you can cut the insulation itself to crate a stamp...but the cutting isn't as easy...and I didn't have any cardboard tubing available at the moment to the insulation was a perfect fit....and the adhesive backing on the foam holds nicely to it.
In this pic you can see two different rollers I made with two different images....and the third one is the one I made using the cut out pieces from the others.
These will come in very handy when painting rice paper for my Torn Paper Paintings. I'm really enjoying all the experimentations I've been doing lately.
Oh yes...and the pic of the seahorse I was experimenting with the background for is posted on the FaceBook Fanpage....go have a look!!!
Off to roll more backgrounds for a while....then back to rolling along with the wedding plans!!!
Pics from that will most likely be next :)

Sep 9, 2013

Learning a new trick!!, who hasn't seen the movie "Mall Cop"?? Maybe nobody!! And let's be honest....didn't you really end up wanting to get your hands on a Segway?? Seriously...who hasn't wanted to try one??
I know I have!
Well...recently I received an email from Groupon that gave me an opportunity too hard to resist.
There is a new little local business in Providence, RI that is giving tours of the city by Segway!!! Yes!!  It's appropriately  named "Providence Segway Tours" and it is run by a nice young man named Andrew who goes to Johnson & Wales University. Yes...doesn't hurt that Andrew looks a bit like a young Leo

It was not as if we needed a tour of Prov. RI since it's actually pretty nearby and my husband in fact grew up in that was more for the chance to try the segways!!
We called and made the appointment and booked it for a Sunday afternoon. They take folks out in groups of four, so there was one other couple along for this run.
You meet at the Prov. ice rink...and at first it doesn't look easy to see where they are...but our guide, Andrew, came out and waved us in.

We were shown one at a time how the vehicles operate and then given a bit of time to get a little practice running around the ice rink before hitting the streets with Andrew.
What a blast. They are a bit tricky for the first few minutes...but once you get a handle on how it's a great way to take the tour.
Andrew had done his homework on mapping out the best routes to take people to show them some sights while keeping city traffic in mind as well as curbs and ramps, etc.
If you were a tourist and wanted something fun and unusual to do while staying in and around the city of Providence....this would be the ticket!!
Always fun to learn something new....not only about the place you're visiting...but a new skill as well!!

Ooh...and yes, of course...I had to throw in a pic of the old "Superman" building. Yes it is....the very same one that used to be at the beginning of the superman series on TV. If you're as old as I've seen it!!

Sep 2, 2013

September already??

I can't believe it's Sept already. The winters seem to last forever....but not so for the summer!!!
I've been very busy and yes, have neglected my postings once again. Will try to do better this month...but must warn you....this is also the month that my beautiful daughter is getting I may be a bit
To fill you in on what's been going on....lots of art. Yes...that's what keeps me busy in the art room and not so much online. Summer is certainly the busy season...and I'm happy for that!!

Newest pieces....I've done another Bass, different coloring than the first...and since two seagulls recently found new homes, I did another two..."Ben & Jerry"

Right now I'm in the middle of a piece where I'm experimenting with backgrounds. This one is a seahorse. Usually I only do seahorses in the mini size..about 3" high. This one is 16" tall.
Will have to post a pic for you when it's done...but for right now...I'm pretty pleased with the way it's going.

The other update is that I finally got to deliver the four pieces that are becoming part of another corporate collection.
It is a brand new medical facility that is just doing the finishing touches on getting ready to open. I can't wait!!
Will tell you more about that too when the opening is official. that I've made a good start to a brand new month (and season) and have gotten you all up-to-date....fingers crossed that I come by here a bit more often.
At the very can be guaranteed that there will be wedding pics showing up at the months end :)

Aug 19, 2013


Happily...I've been doing more workshops this season. I enjoy doing them very much. Meeting new people and watching their creativity is wonderful. Always fun to share with others.
I had a workshop just over a week ago in Peace Dale, RI. It was a great class and soo many terrific art pieces came out of that. Here are a sampling of pics from that class......

 Anytime you spend hours talking with and helping others to understand the process and work through challenges, you inevitably learn new things yourself as well. It's a bit of a "win win" situation!

I have another class coming up in Oct. in the lovely town of Wickford, RI.
The fall classes are not posted on their website right at the moment...but I do have their flier posted below.
If you are going to be in the area and would like to take the one day the Wickford Art Assoc. directly at 401-294-6840 to register. Would love to see you there.

Keep in mind that I not only enjoy giving workshops...but I also "Love" to if you have an art venue or association that sponsors visiting artists...send them my way. I'd be happy to travel and conduct a two or three day workshop right in your area.

Jul 31, 2013

Becoming real

That's how I've been feeling recently about my daughter's wedding.
Yes...I've known for many many months now that this was coming up. She announced her engagement back in Nov. Nov when you hear that the wedding will be the following feel like there is an endless amount of time. Hmmm....not so much!!
Almost every plan that had to be made has been dress is going through fittings...make-up and hair trials done.......and it hasn't been until just now, going to the shower that the gals in her wedding party threw for her that I have finally started to realize...this is "real".
I think that seeing the combined families together along with the idea that the "events" are now beginning has made me realize that we are now just under two months from the big day!!! did all those endless months go by sooo fast???

I know this is going to be a beautiful day and she will be a gorgeous bride...and I know there will be many tears of happiness. have grown into an incredibly amazing woman!! Yes...much to my are all grown up!!
We are sooo proud of you and know that your future is bright and shiny ahead!! ♥

Jul 25, 2013

Time flies!! can always tell when it's the busy season around here.
I can't believe I haven't posted in soooo long. With all that's been going on with art making, art shows, and commissions....I feel like I haven't been here in ages.
To catch up....yes...the local shows have been going on...and I was delighted to have sold one of my pieces on the first day out on one of them!
It's also busy season at The Little Beach dropped new work off to them as well.
In other news...I was contacted about being part of another corporate collection...for a medical facility. Nice!
One of the four pieces they are getting is this little guy I just finished.
Will tell you more about that when the details are set.
Soo...for now..sorry to have been a bit MIA. Will try to do better...but being busy is actually a pretty good sign!!

Be sure to keep in mind that there is an upcoming Torn Paper Paintings workshop in Peace Dale, RI for Aug. 9th.
Still a few spaces if you hurry you may be able to join the fun!
See you then!

Jun 28, 2013

Joint effort

I always like to give credit where credit is due. Every day we see things that inspire us and get the creative juices going.
With the invention of the internet...well...there's no limit as to where these bits of inspiration can come from.
My latest painting of Buoys came from another dear artist friend of mine Terri Kahrs who lives very far from me, but whom I can talk with "online" every day. Not only is she a terrific artist...but she also is amazing with a camera. Always taking beautiful shots as she travels.
When she posted her shots of the buoys I had to ask her right away if it was alright for me to use this in a painting. Yes...she was delighted to pass the image on.
Here is her photo.... can see from the beautiful colors why I might have felt the need to paint this one!!
It was a longer project than some since I didn't have the time to devote on working on just this piece...but I love the end result.
I have lots of little surprises throughout this one...but I'll show you just a few.
Wish I could show you all the hidden gems...but wouldn't want to spoil that for those who get to see it in person!
Terri, thanks again for letting me interpret your beautiful photo.

Jun 19, 2013

Summer workshops

Just completed teaching the first of the summer workshops I've had booked. This one was held at the Fall River Art Assoc.
As is usually the case with new students...they are not quite sure what to expect when they start and try taking in as much information as possible as they begin the process with caution. However, by the end of the class they have fully let go and can't seem to get enough. When that know it's been a good
The range of students this time varied from having a repeat student to a jewelry maker, to someone who'd never had an art lesson at all before. Everyone gave the process their own special twist!
Here are some of their results. Some very linear to another with an added dimension. One bird piece wasn't completed in class since the student got off to a late start and put quite a bit of time into her fab background...but I'm sure she'll not quit till it's done!!

 Teaching this process can be both fun as well as a challenge. The biggest "challenge" can be in just having people understand what the class actually is. There aren't that many people doing this it's sometimes a bit harder to understand just what Torn Paper Paintings actually is.

Next...not everyone is willing to get out of their comfort zone and try something that they've never done before. This holds true for artists as well others who simply don't consider themselves creative.
I have to say....everyone who has stepped into that uncertain place and taken the chance...has left with a smile and the feeling of actually having learned something new and had fun doing it!!
Soo....let's hope that word gets out that there really is a good time to be had!!
With that's the info for the next summer workshop. Let's fill it up!

Jun 11, 2013

Private Viewing

This past Sunday evening was a real treat for us.
We had been invited by friends to take part in a "private viewing" of an art collection. Seems they won a bid on this event in a fund raising auction. About a dozen of us attended.
None of us knew exactly what to expect....and it turned out differently than we'd thought.
This art collection was part of what turns out to be a Private Gallery that is actually housed in a private residence as well.
They do business to only those who know of them through word of mouth. If you don't know of'll never discover this.
They go to Paris on a regular basis to buy new art. The business now spans into the third generation.
I was allowed to take some pics....but nope.....I won't disclose anything else about this.
If they've done this well by keeping it's best left that way!

 Click on the pics to read more information and view closer.

Jun 5, 2013


I do forget sometimes that not everyone is actually on only seems that way.
Even I had to be talked into becoming a part of that world by my daughter. I actually went kicking and screaming all the way...not convinced by her that this would be a good thing for promoting my art. Well...thank you's been a very good thing.
I've been there and enjoying the interaction of art making/loving people for over three years now!! Hard to believe.
I was however reminded by an artist friend that not everyone is there....and not planning to join...but still very interested in keeping up with what's going on. Well....I suddenly realized that the place they usually go...this blog...has certainly not gotten the attention it has in the past....and for that...I'm sorry.
Yes...I've been off in many directions these days...and summer only seems to make it harder to keep up with everything.
Tis the season of busy galleries, art shows, and family/friend activities.'s a bit of an up date. I'm happy to say that for the moment...I'm keeping up with things. Lots of art has been done both in prep for gallery needs as well as shows, and who knows, maybe some new galleries down the line. One can only hope. Here's a pic of the latest two pieces. I just love the way they work together and certainly hope they sell as a pair. Feels good to be ahead with the larger pieces, notecards, minis, and more!!
The other thing I've been doing is something I've wanted to do more of....workshops.
Last month I gave an evening talk/demo at the Taunton Art Assoc.  This month I've got a two day workshop scheduled at the Fall River Art Assoc.  I've now just finished scheduling a long one day workshop in Peace Dale, RI for Aug and another in Wickford, RI in Oct.
So, there it quick update.
Yes...I'll try to be a bit more attentive to the blog in the future. It's always a bit of a juggling act.
I'll also be sure to come back with links and reminders of the upcoming workshops as things progress. This will give me an opportunity to maybe meet some of my FB fans as students down the line.'s the best of both worlds.