Feb 4, 2016

Fun with gel

Gel mediums....sooo much fun to be had.
I've recently been experimenting with different types of gel mediums to add a new texture dimension to my Torn Paper Paintings.
Many of my subject have a beachy seaside feel since I live on the New England coast. Among these subjects are of course mermaids.
Well....some of these gel experiments are going to come in quite handy with the backgrounds. I'm talking about "gel skins". Lovely thin layers you can design with colors and movement...then when dry, can peel them up and use them in the paintings.
I'm in the middle of working with some of these little gems...and will give you a better explanation on doing them after the experiments are complete.
I've added just one pic here to inspire you and get the wheels turning.
Trust me....creating these can be as addicting as working on the Gelli Plates. They are nothing alike...but both have endless possibilities!!!