Jan 26, 2015

Bubbles...and stars!

After I created the small champagne Torn Paper Painting....it was on to a much larger commission piece based on that one.
The client wanted one very similar...but with one glass instead of the two.
The end result was a larger 15"x30" canvas....with the addition of some paper stars for balance.
Looking forward to seeing it in it's permanent home when they arrive back from warmer climates.

Hopefully, they'll stay warm a bit longer. We're in the middle of blizzard preparations now.
Blizzard "Juno" in just setting in as I type. Due for upwards of 30"of snow...and more then likely...days without power. Oh well....we were having a nice easy winter!!

Also...we just celebrated my husbands big 60th birthday!! The day is officially today...so we'll sit by the fire this evening and quietly celebrate together tonight. I get to celebrate my big 60 this year as well...but not until summer....so I at least know the weather will be better :)

Jan 3, 2015

Welcome 2015

A brand new year to start fresh and make new memories!!
There is always soo much to look forward to in a new year. Travel, friends, opportunities, and all the unexpected surprises that make each year special!! I hope there are many grand ones for all of us!
I have new things in store for my Torn Paper Paintings....such as having my website updated soon as well as some special stealth projects in the works.
Also, my amazing husband and I both have a big...yes..Big birthday coming up this year...so we'd like to take another wonderful trip in honor of that too. Also...we still have more of our big backyard landscape renovations to complete this year. I'm sooo looking forward to that as well.
Sooo....cheers to all of us.
Here's to a big year ahead!!!