Sep 28, 2008


I just love the color chartreuse !! I think it may be a favorite. I made these little chartreuse beadwork earrings last night. It's also the first time I added bead caps to the ends of a pair and I think I'm loving the finished look. I've just added them to my Etsy shop....and I think I need to go make a pair for myself now!!

Sep 23, 2008


Well....finally did some creating! It may have helped that I just got back from my yearly girls weekend. The timing couldn't have been better for that. With any luck....I'll keep the creative juices flowing.
These are my little skellie earrings. I just posted them to my Etsy shop. They are tiny little "Day of the Dead" style skulls. They're made by hand, not molds, from polymer clay. I then painted their little designs on and added the wire and beads.
I personally think they're cute. It's all in the eye of the

Sep 18, 2008

Getting there

Well....still no artwork has happened since my daughters big apartment move. I guess that's because we actually spent more time this week working on it before it could really become official. She had a couple of appointments this week in the area as well as quite a bit of stuff still at the house that she hadn't managed to take the first trip. So, she came back for two nights so things could get wrapped up.
Needless to say...I was thrilled to have her "home". The evening she arrived there was a beautiful full moon shining over the we both went outside to take pics. The two days she was here was the best I'd slept. Guess I shouldn't be surprised.
Last night my husband and I followed her back up to her apartment to help her take the remainder of her things. Yes....I guess it's official now. The room looks emptier than I thought I'd ever see it.
Well....a few more tears....then I'll try to get on to what we'll now call normal.

Sep 12, 2008

Just sad

because my little one leaves the nest tomorrow. I certainly knew, as a mom, it would happen sooner or later. But I guess you just can never be quite ready. At the age of 23....not to long from 24, I guess I did pretty well having her around this long.
At the same time that I'm deeply saddened, I'm also deeply proud. She is a bright and beautiful young woman with a great future ahead. She has landed her first big job and is moving to her first apartment closer to work.'ll be over an hour away from "home", but I realize it could have been much worse.
As a mom I feel I'm due my moment of tears....but I also know deep in my heart that this will pass and good things are ahead!

Sep 9, 2008

Funky Mermaids tryingto keep my hand in atc's....which started all this "mailart" for me, I made some funky mermaids. Seems that I've been doing everything but atc's (ACEO's) these days!
Certainly not that that's a bad thing....just an observation.

Sep 7, 2008

Another challenge

Yep....week 4 of the postcard challenge, and as it turns out....the final week. Sadly, just as I was enjoying this, it's going to end early. Oh well....may have to try doing more on my own. Yep....I know the images in here may look a bit strange (hey, I didn't pick but I love the fun way these things turn out. Almost a crazy childrens book quality to them. maybe I had some off the wall books as a kid!! :) it is!

Sep 3, 2008

Looney Bird

Yep...still painting on those
I just love the look of it. Gee....will I ever paint on plain paper again?? Yes...sooner or later!
With this little guy I drew a basic flower petal shape and added from there. The swirls on the body are actually very subtle in person. They're done in a shimmery glaze pen that shines a bit in different light.
The book page used in this one is from an old French text book I found in the free pile at the used book store.

Sep 1, 2008

Week 3 of the Postcard Challenge

As the weeks go on it looks like the images for this challenge are going to be getting harder and harder. This weeks images were a sheet of the craziest collection yet. I had no idea at first what could possibly be done with them. Well....after quite a bit of thought...I've put together another that I feel really good about. It actually became a twisted sort of Guess it's good to have to torture your brain every now and then. Welllll....I think I'm understanding where some of the problem may be in my feeling that I simply couldn't do collage. It seems that I do fine and dandy when the images are selected for me and I simply "must" use them to create something. I believe now that where I seem to have my bigger problem is in the actual selecting of images! I think that after these challenges are over I'm going to challenge myself. I'm going to snip out many images between now and then, then when ready, I'm going to blindly pick a number of them out of a hat and have to create something with them!