Apr 21, 2013

Taking Third

While we would naturally all like to come in "first" in everything....sometimes even "third" is a wonderful thing when in the company of sooo many other talented people.
This weekend was the Westport Art Group's spring juried show,"Nature's Bounty". This happens to be an area where there is an abundance of very fine artists, many of whom I am happy to also call "friends" as well. Needless to say it becomes a challenge to have your work noticed above the rest in a place where there is such fine art at any given show.
Soo...imagine my surprise when I discovered I had placed in the show!!
Another truely  lovely detail of this was the "Judge's Statement" written in the show program. In his words...." Strong, simple composition, impressive from a distance yet full of complexity within the selection of collage materials. The wry expression of the turtle suggests that he is viewing his audience."
My delight was that he "got" it. The fact that my paintings are, at first glance, easily recognized subjects on their own.....but upon a closer look...much more complex than what is first implied. That is the part that draws the viewer in to a deeper level of the piece...to where a story starts to unfold.
Yes...it made my day.

Apr 11, 2013

Save the Dates

Summer is on it's way and that means lots of extra activities.
The first one on my list of Torn Paper Paintings extras is an instructional talk & demo at the
Taunton Art Associaton. I was honored by having them contact me with the request and look forward to the evening.
This will be held on May 15th at 7pm.
The next event will be a two day workshop at the Greater Fall River Art Association
The workshop will be held on June 15 & 16th. from 10 to 2pm each day.
Space is limited at this venue....so if you're interested...register early!! You can contact me via email....or leave a message here and I'll get back to you.
I hope to be able to do more of the workshops both locally and beyond. If you have an art association or art venue in your area that might be interested in sponsoring a visiting artist for a worksshop of 2 to 3 days....please pass my info along.