Jan 28, 2009

A new paper piece

Ahhh...finally gave myself a good bit of right brain action.
My daughter, who works for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, told me of a fund raiser they were having in March. It is to be a Mardi Gras theme ball and they were looking for donations for the auction.
Every year I try to do what I can for donations to good causes. Since I was feeling the need to drown myself in a piece of art....I got right into this one.
I can't honestly say for absolute certainty that it is done....you know how that goes...but for the moment I'm thinking it looks pretty good. May get a minor tweak here or there....but I'm feeling pretty good about it right now.

Jan 22, 2009


YES.....I did it!!!!!!! *Happy Dance*
I have just returned from the testing center...and I have officially passed my MA Real Estate Exam!! Yay!!
Gotta tell you...I have soo much respect for what goes into doing that job than I ever did before.
Boy, with all I've had to learn, I should have been given a licence for appraisals, banking, law...etc...etc..
My left brain has never worked soooo hard.
Welllll....anyway....I had 4 hours to use to take the two part test....the General Real Estate Law and the MA Real Estate Law. I used up all but 15mins. before I hit the finish button. I was one of the first people in there this afternoon and the last one done.
When I finished, the woman let me out of the testing room and said it would be a couple of minutes before she had the results. Soo, I went to the ladies room and came back and was just getting my purse from the locker when I heard, " congratulations"! I looked up and said "really? Yes?" and the woman looked up and smiled and said "yes...you passed".
Well....wouldn't you know, I started to cry! I'd been on the emotional edge for soooo long, I couldn't hold it any longer. Nice ladies that they were of course completely understood and said, "go ahead honey, get it out. You earned it". Boy...did I!!
Sooo....it's done and I'm tired, but I've got a nice glass of wine in front of me and the test behind me and I'm going to let my right brain come out and play for a few days before I put this all to use.
Just thought I'd share with all of those wonderful folks who have been aware of what I was doing and the final result!
Thanks for all your support!

Jan 17, 2009

Lotus Flowers

I must be thinking spring because I just made my latest earrings for my Etsy shop...and they are white lotus flowers.
Living on a pond, it get covered with these beautiful flowers all season. It's no wonder we have lots of dragonflies as well....I would pick a pond full of these to live in too if I were a dragonfly.

I'm also going to creat a display of these for my sister-in-laws wellness center
since it is named Lotus Rising Center.
I think these will work just beautifully there.

Anything to think spring right now is good. I'm soo looking forward to when our temps go all the way back up into the 30's!!!

Jan 15, 2009

A Chunky

Oh...I know it's not really the season for a Day of the Dead piece...but it happens to be the latest chunky book page theme for one of my swap groups. I love the theme anytime of the year....so was happy to do one now!
Every little bit of art I get done these days is actually more like therapy. Something to keep me sane while I fry what is left of my brain in studying for this upcoming real estate exam.
Honestly...I've can't remember NOT liking anything this much!
I'm sooo not a left brain person, so all this real estate law and state laws and math....YUCK!
Looking forward to the end and *fingers crossed* passing this.

Jan 10, 2009

A New Piece

Yep...my first new piece for the new year!!
While still being pretty new with this torn paper style and having for years struggled with collage....I'm really liking this!
My daughter gave me a beautiful collection of lovely handmade papers at Christmas and many of those were used in this piece...along with a bit of Asian text that I put bits of in the tail and fins.
I really enjoyed doing this one and already looking forward to the next.

Jan 4, 2009

A "banner" moment

Yeah baby!!!
Thought I'd start off 2009 with a brand new banner!!
Hope you like it!

Jan 2, 2009

Big bottom puzzle

On one of the art sites that I do regular trading with, one of my latest swaps involves puzzles. There are nine of us each doing a nine piece puzzle which will then be swapped with one piece from each of the other players puzzles. All of these puzzles will have different themes. Funny enough, I started getting requests to do my pieces in the big bottomed gal style of artist Sarah Bishop. Well....after much thought about that....I decided to go for it.
I guess it comes down to many of us being able to relate all to well to that figure...lol