Oct 21, 2015


Klimt....as well as more veggies.
Been soo busy I almost forgot to post them here.

I may be ready to break from the veggies soon. They were a bit more fun than I anticipated.

Now, with the growing season over in New England....inspiration may not come so quickly for more. We'll see.

I also did another Klimt Korn piece. A "Kluster of Korn" you might say...lol
With Halloween right around the "korner"....guess it's fitting!

Oct 4, 2015

fun with Klimt

Klimt Korn
Not sure how it happened....but when creating a new fun piece....candy corn...Klimt came to mind.
How that happened with a little piece of candy, I'm not sure.
However...the marriage of the two seems to be a thing of beauty. Who knew.
I just love the patterns and the shiny gold & silvers. Perfect. I found myself carving more stamps to use with my Gelli Plates to create even more lovely papers for it.
I am now on a bit of a roll with some more Klimt inspired Torn Paper Paintings. Stay tuned.
I do believe a series is on the way...lol
You never know where inspiration will come from.
Sometimes the least likely places!!
Embrace it.