Jun 28, 2013

Joint effort

I always like to give credit where credit is due. Every day we see things that inspire us and get the creative juices going.
With the invention of the internet...well...there's no limit as to where these bits of inspiration can come from.
My latest painting of Buoys came from another dear artist friend of mine Terri Kahrs who lives very far from me, but whom I can talk with "online" every day. Not only is she a terrific artist...but she also is amazing with a camera. Always taking beautiful shots as she travels.
When she posted her shots of the buoys I had to ask her right away if it was alright for me to use this in a painting. Yes...she was delighted to pass the image on.
Here is her photo....

Well...you can see from the beautiful colors why I might have felt the need to paint this one!!
It was a longer project than some since I didn't have the time to devote on working on just this piece...but I love the end result.
I have lots of little surprises throughout this one...but I'll show you just a few.
Wish I could show you all the hidden gems...but wouldn't want to spoil that for those who get to see it in person!
Terri, thanks again for letting me interpret your beautiful photo.

Jun 19, 2013

Summer workshops

Just completed teaching the first of the summer workshops I've had booked. This one was held at the Fall River Art Assoc.
As is usually the case with new students...they are not quite sure what to expect when they start and try taking in as much information as possible as they begin the process with caution. However, by the end of the class they have fully let go and can't seem to get enough. When that happens....you know it's been a good class..lol
The range of students this time varied from having a repeat student to a jewelry maker, to someone who'd never had an art lesson at all before. Everyone gave the process their own special twist!
Here are some of their results. Some very linear to another with an added dimension. One bird piece wasn't completed in class since the student got off to a late start and put quite a bit of time into her fab background...but I'm sure she'll not quit till it's done!!

 Teaching this process can be both fun as well as a challenge. The biggest "challenge" can be in just having people understand what the class actually is. There aren't that many people doing this technique...so it's sometimes a bit harder to understand just what Torn Paper Paintings actually is.

Next...not everyone is willing to get out of their comfort zone and try something that they've never done before. This holds true for artists as well others who simply don't consider themselves creative.
I have to say....everyone who has stepped into that uncertain place and taken the chance...has left with a smile and the feeling of actually having learned something new and had fun doing it!!
Soo....let's hope that word gets out that there really is a good time to be had!!
With that said....here's the info for the next summer workshop. Let's fill it up!

Jun 11, 2013

Private Viewing

This past Sunday evening was a real treat for us.
We had been invited by friends to take part in a "private viewing" of an art collection. Seems they won a bid on this event in a fund raising auction. About a dozen of us attended.
None of us knew exactly what to expect....and it turned out differently than we'd thought.
This art collection was part of what turns out to be a Private Gallery that is actually housed in a private residence as well.
They do business to only those who know of them through word of mouth. If you don't know of them....you'll never discover this.
They go to Paris on a regular basis to buy new art. The business now spans into the third generation.
I was allowed to take some pics....but nope.....I won't disclose anything else about this.
If they've done this well by keeping it quiet....it's best left that way!

 Click on the pics to read more information and view closer.

Jun 5, 2013


I do forget sometimes that not everyone is actually on FaceBook....it only seems that way.
Even I had to be talked into becoming a part of that world by my daughter. I actually went kicking and screaming all the way...not convinced by her that this would be a good thing for promoting my art. Well...thank you Sarah....it's been a very good thing.
I've been there and enjoying the interaction of art making/loving people for over three years now!! Hard to believe.
I was however reminded by an artist friend that not everyone is there....and not planning to join...but still very interested in keeping up with what's going on. Well....I suddenly realized that the place they usually go...this blog...has certainly not gotten the attention it has in the past....and for that...I'm sorry.
Yes...I've been off in many directions these days...and summer only seems to make it harder to keep up with everything.
Tis the season of busy galleries, art shows, and family/friend activities.
Sooo...here's a bit of an up date. I'm happy to say that for the moment...I'm keeping up with things. Lots of art has been done both in prep for gallery needs as well as shows, and who knows, maybe some new galleries down the line. One can only hope. Here's a pic of the latest two pieces. I just love the way they work together and certainly hope they sell as a pair. Feels good to be ahead with the larger pieces, notecards, minis, and more!!
The other thing I've been doing is something I've wanted to do more of....workshops.
Last month I gave an evening talk/demo at the Taunton Art Assoc.  This month I've got a two day workshop scheduled at the Fall River Art Assoc.  I've now just finished scheduling a long one day workshop in Peace Dale, RI for Aug and another in Wickford, RI in Oct.
So, there it is....my quick update.
Yes...I'll try to be a bit more attentive to the blog in the future. It's always a bit of a juggling act.
I'll also be sure to come back with links and reminders of the upcoming workshops as things progress. This will give me an opportunity to maybe meet some of my FB fans as students down the line. Yes...it's the best of both worlds.