Feb 13, 2014

Think Spring

OK...at least try!!
I can't remember when we've been bombarded with sooo much snow. Geesh...we've been getting like two to three storms a week. No fair!!
As I sit here right now the wind is howling outside and I can't seem to warm up. I think just hearing that is what's keeping me feeling cold....and maybe seeing nothing but "white" outside. There's no color.....just like living in a b&w photo!!
Sooo....I have to stay in my art room where there is color all around me....and work on images of spring & summer!!
Just finished more seagulls on the beach....Three Amigos!! These shore birds seem to always be soo popular...so I'm glad that they are also fun to work on.
I've got several other underpaintings done....but next one in line....huge ice cream cones!!
Yep....I can pretend that I'm in the middle of spring while working on Torn Paper Paintings....but reality really takes a bite when I come back upstairs and get those cold sights and sounds again.
Maybe I can play groundhog and simply stay downstairs.....hmmm....

Feb 2, 2014

A Moment in Montmartre

I started this piece a while ago...but since it is a personal one that isn't for sale...it was finished at a slightly slower pace.
It is now complete and I thought I'd share the story and pics of the details with you.
This was taken from a photo that my husband took during our first trip to Paris in Dec. 2011. We were enjoying our last day in Paris and decided to spend it in Montmartre. We went to Sacré-Coeur, which was just breathtaking!!!
When leaving there we roamed around much of the Christmas Market that was set up all around the area. In Dec. you are likely to find these markets all over Paris.

Paris map
Toward the later part of the day we wandered down toward the little artists square to watch some of the painters there. I took lots of pictures and we ended up buying a sweet little watercolor painting.

Chez Eugene was the name of the
café and this came off the receipt.
The day was cool but lovely so we sat at an outdoor table in the square and ordered a bottle of red wine to enjoy that last evening before heading back to the hotel.
While we were sitting there at dusk enjoying the moment and watching the artists....the square suddenly filled with tiny little blue lights everywhere!!!!
You will see "vin rough" in here....
"Red Wine"
We had not seen the strings of Christmas lights until they suddenly all turned on. It was the most magical moment we'd ever seen!!!
I mean....picture it....your last evening in Paris...red wine at an outdoor café....a square full of artists....then.....hundreds and hundreds of sparkling blue lights!!!!
We took numerous pics to try to capture that moment to take home. Mark did end up getting the perfect pic....so I've finally made use of that and created a Torn Paper Painting of that moment. As luck...or fate...would have it....I had even saved the receipt from that spot...so I used it within the piece.

The date from the receipt is here...
Dec. 9, 2011
 I used the name of the café, Chez Eugene on the wine label and the date is tucked into the table.
While we were sitting there a tiny bird stayed by my seat waiting for bits of cracker crumbs. Well...of course I made sure he got his share....and I had to include him in this piece on the side of the canvas. After all....he was a part of this lovely memory as well.
This is a very special piece and a beautiful memory for both of us!!