Jul 25, 2012

OJ and Lime

Love this new commission piece.
A week ago as I was driving back from having dropped off new work at the Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis, the owner, Jen, posted a pic of the art on her FaceBook FanPage.
Well....by the time I arrived home....there was a commission request waiting for me on my own FanPage for a pair of the chairs in these two colors.  Nice!!
Of course, since the attention came to me via the gallerys page.... the sale went through them. Only fair. They have carried my art now for quite some time...and done very well too I might add.
Loving this color combo. May have to do another similiar.
Since no two pieces can ever be created exactly the same because of the technique....everyone will still always have a "one of a kind".

Jul 15, 2012

Fairs & Fins

It's the time in New England when country & church fairs are plentiful and all the galleries and art groups hold unique shows.
I can't help but to try to go to as many of these as time will allow. This weekend I kept quite busy with fairs, looking for that unexpected treasure. Found one. An absolutely amazing book on "mermaids". Filled to the brim with text on oceans, fish, mermaids, shells, sealife...etc. For a grand total of 50cents....I now have plenty of new text to show up in future pieces. For fifty cents...I don't mind tearing it up!!

click pics to see larger images
Last weekend I spent time at the local art shows. Our local art group held it's summer show...so I volunteered some work time there. Afterward...I went off to see the "Fabulous Fins" that was showing at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery. The participating artists in the local open studios drive were each asked to design a wooden Yellowfin Tuna, to be placed in various locations throughout the area this summer....and will later be auctioned off. 
This particular day was a chance to see all of them in one place together...on the grounds of the gallery!

What a fun showing this was. Always a delight to see what so many different artists will do when given the same exact item to work with.
These pics are just a sample of what was there.
It will be fun as the summer goes on to see where they will be showing up around town!

Jul 12, 2012


Still being involved in a bit of "mail art"....I joined a swap the other day for Prayer Flags. Not sure of what I would do...I did enjoyed looking at them.
This swap would be for flags that were not too heavy in religious themes....and a bit on the artsy side...so I gave it a go.
Gotta tell you....they are such fun to make!! In two days of sewing I did a bunch of them!!
These art swaps are such a great way to take you a bit out of your comfort zone and rev up the creative juices!!
Before I knew it I was in full swing in the art room again and several Torn Paper Paintings are in progress!!
And to top it off...I'll soon have prayer flags from other artists to hang and enjoy!!

A double win.

Jul 1, 2012

Intimate Museum

During our trip through Italy last month, we saw many great museums and works by the masters. I do love them all...but sometimes you can reach a peak of big huge museums!!While strolling around in Venice after a long leisurely lunch at an outdoor cafe with friends, we came to the Peggy Guggenheim museum. The friends we'd had lunch with suggested we might enjoy it...so, we decided to give it a go.


Love it!! Yes.....it's a wonderful much more intimate style museum. You felt as if you are one on one with the paintings...seeing them in the private home of Ms Guggenheim. Unlike many of the larger museums...you were happily allowed to take photos (without flash) of anything you wished. I certainly took full advantage of that. Some of my all time favorite artists were here....including Dali & Magritte. My husband had his favorite as well...an entire room of Pollock. I've included just a few of the amazing works we saw in the most lovely and relaxed setting yet. While yes, we saw lots of great art...and some we couldn't even get to including a Klimt exhibit going on while there....this will certainly rank as a real favorite for us. If you have limited time and need to choose...pick this one!!