Feb 28, 2012


Yes...that's her name.
Have you ever been working on a piece of art and it somehow names itself? Well...every once in a while that happens to me. The name goes through my head every time I work on it.
Hey...who am I to argue. If that's what she wants to be called....so be it. I think it actually suits her.
This is the latest Torn Paper Painting. All she needs now is the varnish layer.
Off to see who swims by next.

Feb 16, 2012

Swimming in....

The sealife is swimming into a new season. With summer (hopefully) right around the corner, the sea creatures are filling up the art room.
This seaturtle, 18"x24", is the latest in that collection. Always a challenge to do the first one of anything. It's like having to build the first road map for future pieces. Once the first one is created, it does get easier to some degree with each one of a similiar design.
Yes...there are more new sea creatures ready and waiting for paper...soo....off I go!!! Gotta be ready to jazz up the galleries walls with new and wonderful art.

Feb 12, 2012

It's official

Yep...my latest venture is now happening. I am an official member of the Sandywood Gallery Co-Op in Tiverton, RI.
This is a gallery that is just about to reach 1yr old... so there are still learning curves ... but certainly well on their way. The building is delightful. It's bright, new, airy, and welcoming. The red door and front porch makes a nice first impression.
I realize that there may be challenges in taking this on and I'm honestly not sure how it'll go. I intend to start this in a very positive direction and have my fingers crossed that it'll all work out. I've got my dues paid, work on the wall, and am already on committees. All I'm waiting for is to have myself added to the members page on the website, which is in the works. Soo...we'll see how it goes.

My first and most important thing is to keep time to work on my art itself. I don't intend to let this take over to the point of becoming a problem with that. The galleries that already represent my art deserve to have new work to rotate and I also like to take part in numerous shows....not to mention that I hope to find myself published again if possible.

Soo....I do feel good about this right now and that it will fit into the plan just fine. We'll see. Can't know until we try!!

Feb 2, 2012

No Shadows

I know...today is Groundhog Day and it's all about the groundhog. Seems he saw his shadow...again.
Well, I'm personally ready for spring to arrive....so, instead of a groundhog and his shadow....I've got a little turtle and his reflection!!!  To me, this says springtime and sunshine!!
I've never understood why a dark dreary day that hides his shadow means an early spring. Seriously....wouldn't a bright sunny day that creates shadows and reflections be a better sign??
One of those things that make you go hmmmm.....