Jun 11, 2013

Private Viewing

This past Sunday evening was a real treat for us.
We had been invited by friends to take part in a "private viewing" of an art collection. Seems they won a bid on this event in a fund raising auction. About a dozen of us attended.
None of us knew exactly what to expect....and it turned out differently than we'd thought.
This art collection was part of what turns out to be a Private Gallery that is actually housed in a private residence as well.
They do business to only those who know of them through word of mouth. If you don't know of them....you'll never discover this.
They go to Paris on a regular basis to buy new art. The business now spans into the third generation.
I was allowed to take some pics....but nope.....I won't disclose anything else about this.
If they've done this well by keeping it quiet....it's best left that way!

 Click on the pics to read more information and view closer.

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