Jul 31, 2013

Becoming real

That's how I've been feeling recently about my daughter's wedding.
Yes...I've known for many many months now that this was coming up. She announced her engagement back in Nov.
Well...in Nov when you hear that the wedding will be the following Sept....you feel like there is an endless amount of time. Hmmm....not so much!!
Almost every plan that had to be made has been done....wedding dress is going through fittings...make-up and hair trials done.......and it hasn't been until just now, going to the shower that the gals in her wedding party threw for her that I have finally started to realize...this is "real".
I think that seeing the combined families together along with the idea that the "events" are now beginning has made me realize that we are now just under two months from the big day!!!

Wow....how did all those endless months go by sooo fast???

I know this is going to be a beautiful day and she will be a gorgeous bride...and I know there will be many tears of happiness.
Sarah.....you have grown into an incredibly amazing woman!! Yes...much to my surprise...you are all grown up!!
We are sooo proud of you and know that your future is bright and shiny ahead!! ♥

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