Nov 6, 2017


How does it happen soo quickly??
Seems the older I get the faster the year seems to go by. Here in New England our summer is something we wait patiently for, for what seems like forever. Once here, seems like it's the shortest season ever.
Thankfully, we've been given some mild weather so far, but soon to feel the chill. I understand that by the weekend....we're into high temps in the 40's....ouch. Guess it had to happen. By the time we hit Jan...40's will feel warm!
Well....I did just recently go off to The Little Beach Gallery and take new Torn Paper Paintings to jazz up the wall for the holiday season. Along with new paintings, I also brought along a new batch of ornaments.
Now....I feel ready for the next adventure.
It's only a four day trip....but looking forward to a fun time in New Orleans.
I have an art friend there who we plan to meet up with and see the town a bit through her eyes. She's also part of a co-op gallery there and I'm sure there's a bit of shopping gonna happen!!!
We've also booked a Sunday morning Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. YES!!
No worries.....I'll be sure to take some pics and post them here.
I have no doubt there will be a bit of NOLA inspiration in my future work.
Stay tuned :)