Aug 31, 2017

Summer happens sure does.
As you can see, I haven't been here for a while. Sorry. I do try, really.
I'm sure most of you out there are actually very much like me and when the summer comes around and you're able to be out and about more often, some things take a back seat.
Here in New England, we try to enjoy every bit of summer weather we can before we fall back into those winter months.
Here we are, about to hit Sept 1st.  Where did the time go.
Well, here's a short run down on where mine went.
First of all, I have to have lots of Torn Paper Paintings ready for The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis. Busy season there you know.
Secondly, this year was especially busy with being part of a fund raiser to create a yearly grant for women in need, in the name of my beautiful sister-in-law who passed away from cancer just over a year ago. The event was very time consuming, but raised a great deal of money to create this self sustaining grant.
Then of course there's all the regular stuff, gardening, beetlecat races, family gatherings...etc.
So, I do hope you'll continue to check in now, knowing that I'm aware I haven't spent much time with you....but that will change.
Why will it change you ask? Because I'm finishing up my new Torn Paper Paintings website as well, and attached to it, will be this blog. Yes. One stop shopping so to speak.
So, bear with me. We're almost there. I will announce it when it's "live".
And, since we're changing things up, I'll leave you with a pic of one of my latest pieces...Birds Eye 1.
Maybe there'll be some changing up of things in my artwork as well. Stay tuned.