Jun 28, 2011


YES....you read it right! I'm Published!!!
My work was given a two page spread in the July/Aug issue of Somerset Studios magazine in an article called "Painting with Paper".
I am just sooo thrilled to be included in this upscale national publication. I didn't want to break the news until the issue got closer to actually hitting the magazine racks.
Well...now that I have copies in my hand and others have mentioned seeing it....it is time to spread the news!!
The pieces that have been used in the article are actually available at The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis, Ma.....so that's a really great thing for them!! 
Hope you all get out there and find yourself a copy!!

Jun 25, 2011

Uncommon Art

Yes....not only do I think the word "uncommon" is a good one to describe my art, but, as it turn out, it is also the name of the new gallery I am in.... Uncommon Art Gallery in Bristol, RI.
What a really lovely space this is. Two floors of the most interesting and unusual work. I looked around at numerous galleries in the area, some of which were really quite nice, but was more taken by this slightly out of the way but delightfully charming place than anywhere else.
It is right on the main road...Hope St....but set slightly back from the B&B in front. Very near the water.
If you find yourself in the area this summer it would most certainly be worth your while to take a stroll over there. Click on the link above and I think you'll agree!!
If you're lucky...you may even meet Destiny!

Jun 19, 2011

End result....almost

Since I'd shown you an earlier pic of this piece when it was just being worked on, I thought it only fair to show you the end result...of the piece....not the project.
The project this was made for will have to wait till about the end of the summer to be revealed...but it will be worth the wait.
Until then, here's the finished piece.

Jun 13, 2011

A family & friends weekend!!

You have to love a weekend filled with parties, friends, and family. On Saturday we traveled with two of our friends to the farmhouse owned by other friends of ours.The theme for this party was much like that of the Kentucky Derby party.....this one was for the Belmont.It was the first time we'd been to this farmhouse, built in the 1800's. Beautiful old New England.
The property has the largest hickory tree you could imagine. There is also a pond and waterfall to complete the setting!! Once inside my eyes fell onto the stove of my dreams!!!! Always wanted a kitchen with a stove like that!!
One of the other guests there was the brother of our hostess. His name is Jay McMahon ......a magician...and I must say....quite good!!! Just standing around in the kitchen, with no special props at all, he did magic that had me quite amazed.....and his sister concerned for her silverware...lol.  If you ever have a chance to see him or book him for an event...you won't be dissappointed.
What a great night that was....loads of friends, food, and fun.
The next day, and second part of our weekend was to drive back toward home to the river house to help celebrate my in-laws 60th anniversary!!!    Such a sweet and wonderful couple and such a great family they have created. I'm thrilled to have become part of it.   Bev & Chas.....may you have many more happy years !!!
And just look at this...we have my brother-in-law and hubby in the kitchen cleaning up!! Yep, men in the kitchen.....the perfect ending to a fun filled weekend.

Jun 5, 2011

Work In Progress....

Yes.....I'm still here and still creating!! I've been in the middle of a project that I can't talk about just yet...but I'm excited!!!!
You'll just have to wait to hear about it. This pic of the work in progress is actually a peek into the secret project.
Yes..I know...another beach pail. However, this one is much larger, 12x12, than the others which were all 6x6. There is also something else about this one.......opps....can't tell you any more....LOL
Well...just checking in to let you know I'm still around and will show you more later ;)