Mar 8, 2018

Thinking Spring

Living on the coast of New England, we've just gone through our second nor'easter in a week.
Luckily, our little area got more in the way of buckets of rain rather than the many inches that other areas received.
Sump pumps everywhere working overtime and many locations have been without power for days now.
I consider us very lucky since our power never went out and we have a generator in the event that it did, so our sump pump would be able to keep going.
With all this, I'm still trying very hard to think "spring".
Some days it seems very far away, but with daylight savings time happening this weekend (spring ahead) I'm hopeful.
So, after watching numerous blue jays playing outside by the bird feeder, I decided I needed to do another Torn Paper Painting of one. This time I did one in flight.
Love the way it turned out.
Hope this painting helps others to keep "thinking spring".