Sep 2, 2013

September already??

I can't believe it's Sept already. The winters seem to last forever....but not so for the summer!!!
I've been very busy and yes, have neglected my postings once again. Will try to do better this month...but must warn you....this is also the month that my beautiful daughter is getting I may be a bit
To fill you in on what's been going on....lots of art. Yes...that's what keeps me busy in the art room and not so much online. Summer is certainly the busy season...and I'm happy for that!!

Newest pieces....I've done another Bass, different coloring than the first...and since two seagulls recently found new homes, I did another two..."Ben & Jerry"

Right now I'm in the middle of a piece where I'm experimenting with backgrounds. This one is a seahorse. Usually I only do seahorses in the mini size..about 3" high. This one is 16" tall.
Will have to post a pic for you when it's done...but for right now...I'm pretty pleased with the way it's going.

The other update is that I finally got to deliver the four pieces that are becoming part of another corporate collection.
It is a brand new medical facility that is just doing the finishing touches on getting ready to open. I can't wait!!
Will tell you more about that too when the opening is official. that I've made a good start to a brand new month (and season) and have gotten you all up-to-date....fingers crossed that I come by here a bit more often.
At the very can be guaranteed that there will be wedding pics showing up at the months end :)

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