Jul 23, 2016


Wow....always so hard to believe that time can pass so quickly.
Haven't been here in a while...and yet it seems like yesterday. Sorry to have been MIA.
Mid July....where in the world does the summer go? If you're anything like me...you wait on the edge of your seat for the weather to warm up and gardens to start growing, then, before you know it, half of that warm weather has passed.
Well....let's keep enjoying what we've got while it's here. Tonight...party at the beach club....woohoo!!!
I haven't spent all my time laying in the sun....really...lol
I've been working on upping my game....going bigger. The most recent...Triton.
A new whale tail that is 2 feet x 4 feet....a size challenge in many ways...including the physical space to work. It makes walking around in the art room a bit of a obstacle course.
He is done however....and has traveled off to the local art show. Won't see him hanging till tomorrow....so I'll take a pic then.
Also since we last spoke, I have had to upgrade my tech devices. First off my camera died....so extremely sad. Loved that chocolate colored camera! Well....had to research and replace that. Also...my beloved computer has been firing warning shots at me for quite some time now. After tons of research and waiting for the right deal....I have finally found my new one. The past two weeks have been a real learning curve on not only the new machines...but on Windows 10. Just getting into the comfort levels now.
Soo....I'm up and running and still putting out new Torn Paper Paintings. I just may be MIA a little more though since I have no intention of missing fun in the sun while the warm weather is still upon us.
Hope you all take time to enjoy the remains of the summer!!!