Jun 5, 2013


I do forget sometimes that not everyone is actually on FaceBook....it only seems that way.
Even I had to be talked into becoming a part of that world by my daughter. I actually went kicking and screaming all the way...not convinced by her that this would be a good thing for promoting my art. Well...thank you Sarah....it's been a very good thing.
I've been there and enjoying the interaction of art making/loving people for over three years now!! Hard to believe.
I was however reminded by an artist friend that not everyone is there....and not planning to join...but still very interested in keeping up with what's going on. Well....I suddenly realized that the place they usually go...this blog...has certainly not gotten the attention it has in the past....and for that...I'm sorry.
Yes...I've been off in many directions these days...and summer only seems to make it harder to keep up with everything.
Tis the season of busy galleries, art shows, and family/friend activities.
Sooo...here's a bit of an up date. I'm happy to say that for the moment...I'm keeping up with things. Lots of art has been done both in prep for gallery needs as well as shows, and who knows, maybe some new galleries down the line. One can only hope. Here's a pic of the latest two pieces. I just love the way they work together and certainly hope they sell as a pair. Feels good to be ahead with the larger pieces, notecards, minis, and more!!
The other thing I've been doing is something I've wanted to do more of....workshops.
Last month I gave an evening talk/demo at the Taunton Art Assoc.  This month I've got a two day workshop scheduled at the Fall River Art Assoc.  I've now just finished scheduling a long one day workshop in Peace Dale, RI for Aug and another in Wickford, RI in Oct.
So, there it is....my quick update.
Yes...I'll try to be a bit more attentive to the blog in the future. It's always a bit of a juggling act.
I'll also be sure to come back with links and reminders of the upcoming workshops as things progress. This will give me an opportunity to maybe meet some of my FB fans as students down the line. Yes...it's the best of both worlds.

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