May 23, 2012


One of the advantages of my Torn Paper Paintings has been in making some lovely blank notecards from them. They are bold and colorful and really stand out.
Since I don't get to keep the originals around very long ...this gives me one other way to enjoy them and let others who don't get the chance to see the originals enjoy them as well.
I'm happy to say that for the start of the summer season they are now available at Seeds Studio in Wells, well as Partners Village Store in Westport, Ma.
I will be doing a bit of traveling over the next few weeks....but when I return, I'm thinking I may make some available on my Etsy shop as well.
Will keep you posted.

May 16, 2012


Once again I find I'm working in a "series". Thought you might enjoying seeing a pic of the group together right now. The latest...lawn/beach chairs.
There really is something to be said for doing art in a series. It makes for an actual collection of similiar images, which is great for showing.
It also takes the pressure away from the question, "what will I do next?". You're already excited about the subject you're doing and can't wait to get to the next.
I spent a long time doing the series of beach toys, buckets and shovels. While there may be more to come down the line...I'm now really enjoying this new subject and I know there are more of these.
I have some other subjects in progress, but just this weekend I was down on the dock behind my house taking more reference shots of my chairs.
Yep...there's more coming!!

May 9, 2012

Still here.....

I know....I haven't been around much recently. It's not bad news's because things have been going sooo well I've been busier than usual.
Seems gallery season got off to an early start around here....and with an upcoming trip to Italy out on the horizon....I need to keep in full swing so I'll have enough work ready.
So....just checking in to show you the latest piece off the easel and let you I''m still around....working :)