Oct 26, 2012

New "coastal' sightings

When I made a recent delivery of art to The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis the gallery owner told me that there had been some requests made for some new coastal images.
One of these was a "whale". In thinking about that we agreed that an entire whale might not make for a very interesting Torn Paper Painting....but a "tail" just might do the trick!
The other image request was that of a Piping Plover. Hmmm....since I'd already done so many seagulls....there didn't seem any reason that this couldn't be done as well.
"Piper" the plover turned out to be a fun little birdie to create. It gave me no real problems except for having to create some rice paper that could hold the look of some moist sand.
The "Whale Tail" was a bit of another matter. While the tail was interesting enough, I did feel the water had to take on a lot of life to give movement to this. Then...there was the matter of creating what would look like water droplets flying off the tail as it came out from the water. Not actually an easy task to be done with paper and make it light and airy. After a bit of a struggle with that....I finally found the answer!! (click on the pic to see a larger view)Yep...for now, a trade secret :) Unless some of you figure it out....not really all that hard...lol
I think the effect worked...and I'm almost sad to let them go!
 Oh well...no reason not to do it again :)

Oct 15, 2012

Bead Break

Every once in a while I manage a bit of time to play with something else I enjoy...beads!!
Yes...I'm still working on my Torn Paper Paintings, in face I've got several new ones in the works right now...but with the winter starting to come in here in New England, the galleries start to slow down...so I get a bit more free time.
I found a few patterns for some beadwork I had been wanting to try. The first was for little beaded "starfish". I thought they might make some really cute earrings!! I've now tried them with a variation of bead sizes and colors....so cute.
The latest piece I made was a bracelet that, while I thought the pattern was adorable, I decided to alter it a bit changing the count of some beads and sizes of others and I think it's got a great deco look...especially with this color combo!! My favorite at this point.
I know I won't get too much more time to play with these because I still have my art to work on...not to mention another trip to Paris coming up again this winter, along with the holiday season (yes...it comes on quickly)....but it's a nice little break from norm.

Oct 5, 2012

Tiny Art

Spent this week on a "mini" marathon.
No...not a quick run aound the block...a marathon of making little "mini canvases".
Since all the tiny art that was out in the gallery with their larger counterparts have sold out, it was time to stock up again.
This year, along with the seagulls...I've added little seahorses.
They make darling little holiday gifts when you want to give that something special but a big piece is just too much. The seahorses are 2"x 4" and the seagulls are 3"x 3".
I'm sending this little batch off to The Little Beach Gallery today then making a backup group.
I just love these tiny little canvases!!