Dec 26, 2010

Pretty Papers

I just wanted to share a photo of some beautiful yummy handcrafted papers I received as a Christmas gift from one of my online art friends.
We belong to an art site and some of us joined a "secret santa" type swap. After giving a few ideas of what would be on our wish list....the names were given out randomly.
My friend Verna received my name and delighted me by filling my wish list of some new handcrafted papers to use in my Torn Paper Paintings!!
Thank you Verna.....they're just lovely!!! I'm sure you'll see some of them showing up in paper paintings very soon!
Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2010

To All

A Very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 17, 2010

A Bigger Bird

 Tis the time of the year when it is hard to get new work done!
I had been really wanting to do one of my seagull in a larger size. With an upcoming appointment with another gallery, I had all the motivation I needed. Just finished this one tonight.
He measures 11"x14". I especially love the fact that most of the body is made from papers I made myself!!
I find that extremely satisfying.
I took the picture below to show the difference between the little tiny ones I'd been doing beside this bigger version.
While the new one isn't sure looks it next to the little guys.
I'm sure there will be more of these sea birds to come!

Dec 11, 2010

The Auction

The fund raising auction for the Fall River Historical Society is now available for bidding to all...via online. You can check out all the great little 8"x10" artworks that were donated by area artist....and maybe you'll find something you can't resist. Enjoy!!!

Dec 5, 2010

An Artsy Weekend

Just had a delightful time this weekend in Boston. Went up on friday for the the "First Friday" open studios they do each month. We had a chance to see sooo much lovely art and enjoy so many wonderful artists spaces!! It's always fun to see the space where an artist creates their work. The SoWa artist guild has a vast number of working studios and such a great space. We walked around until we simply couldn't any
The next day...before coming home, we walked around the galleries/shops on Newbury St. I ended up meeting a gallery owner/art consultant who became interested in my work after we'd talked a while and we'll be making contact again this week!!! You just never know!
While walking down Boylston St I discovered giant Christmas ornaments strewn about. Hmmm....wonder how that would look in my