Oct 21, 2013

Always inspired

That's how I feel after a day of giving a new Torn Paper Paintings workshop.
The students who come in, not really sure what they are getting into but leave with such joy and excitement (and great piece of art) become a true inspiration to me as well.
This past weekend was another of these fun days. I did a day long workshop at the Wickford Art Assoc. in RI.
I think my favorite comment of the day came after only 15mins of beginning the class when Carol announced, "Wow...I think I've learned more than enough new stuff already...not sure my brain can retain anything more!"  Gotta tell you...as the person doing the teaching, you really can't ask for more....lol  Luckily we got Carol to hang in there for the day without having her head explode...and she left a happy gal :)
It wasn't a huge class, but they certainly were a productive one. They painted up a batch of beautiful rice papers which they were excited to use in their art pieces.
                                                             Here is a sampling of some of the great work that came from the day!

I think you'll be quite inspired as well. Think about it.....these folks had never done this technique before that day.

The next workshop is in a couple of weeks at the Westport Art Group in MA. Registration information is on their website...so if you feel like having a great day of art inspiration....hurry up and sign up now.  Hope to see you!

Oct 5, 2013

A new beginning!!

The beginning of what I hope will be a long and very happy marriage for my beautiful daughter Sarah and new son-in-law Eric!!
The wedding was last weekend and it was just perfect. For a late Sept. day in New England...you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weather day. Not a cloud in the sky and the temps falling above normal.
The bride and groom looked stunning and had the most beautiful wedding party beside them! My mother-in-law was the minister to marry them. Of course, as you might expect, she choked up just a tiny bit upon starting to preform her own granddaughters wedding....which then touched us all...but after that wedding went on flawlessly.
I thought I'd share a few pictures with you of this very special event.
Sarah & Eric...may you have many many years of happiness together!! ♥