May 22, 2011

Workshop Complete!!

Just finished a two day workshop on Torn Paper Paintings. It was held at the Fall River Art Assoc.  I had a lovely group of students all eager to learn the process.
The subject I decided to assign was for them to pick a "simple subject" of their own choice. we discovered...."simple" has a different definition to We spent much of the first day going over details of the process and creating some of the painted paper they would each need for the personal subjects. Everyone still managed to get a good start on their piece before that day was over. The second day they all jumped back into their creations and we worked until well past the "planned" end of the
 Love how everyone's work came out.....but to view them'll have to go the Torn Paper Paintings FaceBook FanPage
You won't be disappointed. Go...check them out!!!Enjoy!!

May 8, 2011

Derby party

Yesterday, as you all know, was the Kentucky Derby. We have friends who take this very wise....and a big time horse race is as good a reason for a party as any!! :)
This is also, I might add, a good reason to dress up....derby
While I may have broken out my big husband, Mark, went one step further with this awesome yellow dress jacket which had once belonged to his grandfather!! Doesn't he look the full part of a cool southern gentleman? :)

Let the mint julips flow folks!!!