Mar 28, 2013

Two Tails

Whale tails....big & little!!
Previously I had created a Torn Paper Painting of a whale tail. Not a big one....just a nice sized 8"x16". I took it to The Little Beach Gallery and it looked lovely hanging there among the other coastal pieces! Well....since then it seems there have been requests and interest in having a whale tail created in a larger size.
I get it....whales are "Big" it makes sense that some folks would want to see them bigger....even though there is a bit of whimsy in seeing something huge done in a more delicate scale!

Soo....I just delivered another....this one is 12"x24". Not huge...but a bit bigger so that we can....ummm...test the
Although they are the same subject matter....I did try my best to give them each their own personality....and made each of the tails a bit different. Now....let's see what happens!! The season has just begun.
On my way home from the gallery, while stopped in traffic, I noticed the bumper sticker on the car in front of me. Luckily I had my camera beside grabbed a quick shot!!
Need to get me one of those!!

Mar 14, 2013


Yes....that's how I see this I named her Serena.
She has an understated background to keep this calm scene. The only thing I added was a simple tone-on-tone design a little to the left....almost an image of sun reflected in the water. A peaceful thing for her to be looking at.

I've included a few detail shots for you to be able to see a bit more of what is hidden inside. (you'll have to click to see it better)

Love working on mermaids. I'm sure another one is right around the corner!