Feb 12, 2015

Summer Sun

No...there's really no "sun" to speak of around here.
It's a winter wonderland in New England right now....one snow storm after another.
I believe there's been about four feet of snow throughout most areas in just the past several weeks!!
As I type....there's another foot due to hit in a little over 24hrs!!
Soo....what's a girl to do?? My remedy?? Color!! Time to hibernate in the Torn Paper Paintings artroom and create!!!
The latest splash of color...."Summer Sun".
Loved working on this one. Doing a triptych was something I had been wanting to do for a while. This subject matter seemed to be the perfect thing...not only for the 3 canvas panel format (three 4"x12")...but for that splash of summer!! Hey, a girl can dream!!
I'm sure summer will get here....someday.
The photo reference was one I took while over at the summer house last year. I discovered a big vase of sunflowers that had been left on the deck and thought they'd make an amazing painting someday....and they did.
I'm loving this one. Between the subject as well as the bits of glitz here and there, it reminds me of a cross between Van Gogh & Klimt. A perfect duo.
So....while I hunker down and wait for the next round of snow to fall....maybe I'll take a look through some more of my photos.
Who knows....the snow may lead to a series of flowers!!

Feb 3, 2015

It's the little things!

Very recently my sister-in-law Amy returned from a trip to Myanmar. From all the photos she took and descriptions she gave it sounded like a most amazing trip indeed.
Since she was due to return shortly before her brothers (my husband) birthday, she bought a gift for him while there.
It is a most amazing "sand painting" on fabric. The colors are simply brilliant and the texture is lovely. Will be needing to frame this up nicely.

But....she didn't forget me in the process!! Oh no!! She knows her SIL well!

No, she didn't buy anything...no need. All she had to do was wrap up that sand painting in just the right "paper"!! YES....a local Myanmar newspaper!!

The text is just stunning....curvy and beautiful. Love it. I can't wait to make use of it in some of the next Torn Paper Paintings!!!
See...it really is the little things.
Thank you Amy!!