Apr 24, 2018

Another Exciting Direction

For artists who create their art as more than a hobby, they need to spend equal time creating as well as being their own marketing agent. It is definitely a lot of work.
Some artists are lucky enough to have "artist agents" to work at promoting their art. There are huge licensing events held a couple times a year for these agents to do just that.
Trust me, most artists would love to have a licensing deal on their resume.
But...if you don't have that type of representation, the job gets quite a bit harder.
I'm now here to tell you, do not be discouraged!!!
As I've just discovered, if you keep at it, you can in fact make one of those deals happen on your own. I'm not saying an agent wouldn't have made it easier or maybe gotten more deals....but YES, I've just gotten one of those deals myself!!!

Torn Paper Paintings images are now licensed with a national greeting card company!
Contracts are signed, first collection of images have been chosen, and cards are being cataloged and produced as we speak.  I'm so totally excited 🎈 🤗 and quite proud of myself too I might add.

You may start seeing some images coming from me that seem a bit "out of season" because the card industry works on winter images during the spring/summer. I think I can get used to that. It's not bad to work on flowers during the long cold months of winter....I often do that now. Maybe some of the newest bird images will show up for spring 2019!!
When the cards are created and I get my first samples I will take a pic and give you more details then.
For now, I just wanted all those artists out there who have no representation but themselves to know that they too can make it happen.
It's easy to get discouraged....but hang in.
Wonderful things are waiting for you!