Sep 25, 2015


of  "corn"....Indian corn!!
A sure sign of fall...along with pumpkins. Hmmm....maybe I should consider painting pumpkins??'s another 3ft tall piece....colorful Indian corn!
I'm really enjoying working on these tall pieces.
This one makes a great match for the tall asparagus painting.
Hope they manage to find a home together!!

Sep 11, 2015

Larger than life!

I've always been drawn to art that displayed the most common items in a larger than life format.
Something about elevating the small things in life not normally thought about to the status of something extra large and important has always made me stop and think. Suddenly you recognize details and color and beauty that you hadn't even given a thought to before.
Well...when I woke up one morning with the idea of an "asparagus" painting in my mind...I just knew that this was one of those pieces.  I mean could it be anything less!!
Soo...this 3 foot asparagus paper painting was born.
I think it has quickly become one of my favorites at this point.
Certainly makes me appreciate all the detail and beauty in this simply little veggie!!