Jun 28, 2013

Joint effort

I always like to give credit where credit is due. Every day we see things that inspire us and get the creative juices going.
With the invention of the internet...well...there's no limit as to where these bits of inspiration can come from.
My latest painting of Buoys came from another dear artist friend of mine Terri Kahrs who lives very far from me, but whom I can talk with "online" every day. Not only is she a terrific artist...but she also is amazing with a camera. Always taking beautiful shots as she travels.
When she posted her shots of the buoys I had to ask her right away if it was alright for me to use this in a painting. Yes...she was delighted to pass the image on.
Here is her photo....

Well...you can see from the beautiful colors why I might have felt the need to paint this one!!
It was a longer project than some since I didn't have the time to devote on working on just this piece...but I love the end result.
I have lots of little surprises throughout this one...but I'll show you just a few.
Wish I could show you all the hidden gems...but wouldn't want to spoil that for those who get to see it in person!
Terri, thanks again for letting me interpret your beautiful photo.

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