May 13, 2014

Oh's May!!

How in the world does time pass sooo quickly??
I had no idea I hadn't posted in so long. Sometimes I think I need to get out of my artroom more often! In fact, during a recent Dr. visit, I was told I was low on vitamin yes, I do need to see the sun on a more regular basis.
At least I can say I've been busy and productive. That's good....right?
Been booking workshops....and taking one myself. Took a new beading class that was all about beading around the edges of seashells!! I'd been wanting to do this one for quite some time. Now I have a new way of creating some "wearable" art from all those beach treasures!!
I did also restock all the art for the new upcoming season at The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis, Ma.
Every year they freshen up the gallery and paint and it's fun to put up lots of fresh artwork!
Been also keeping busy making more art!!
This is the start of the busy season....or at least it's very soon to I want to be ahead.
Just finished another of the "Whale Tales" since the first two sold at the gallery.  It's a beautiful subject and they always looks so great. This new one is 12"x24".
Right now...I'm in the middle of making another of the Seaside Cottages. The first one sold at a show last year on the very fist day.
I also created a piece called "I'll Take Manhattan" for a good friend. This is her favorite it was certainly well received!!

Today was my day to catch up on a lot of online work. Art...on a serious basis...needs lots of marketing!! There's always sooo much to do besides the job of actually creating the art.
FaceBook, websites, blogs, etc....that's just the start.
I also had to stop and create new business cards and marketing materials. I am going to be the "guest artist" at another local gallery...the Art Stable Gallery in Westport, Ma during the July "Open Studios" weekend. That's a very busy and heavily visited event in this I need to be prepared.

Now that I'm a bit more caught up I can hopefully return here again sooner.
Rest assured...if I'm not around for a bit, it may be a good thing. At least it means I'm very busy...and that's not all bad.