Oct 25, 2010

ART - Home Delivered!!!

Front page!!
Yes....what an exciting start to the day.
One of our local papers, The Herald News,  is trying to bring more art to the public and has begun a week called "Reality, Illustrated" in which one piece of art is used for an "extra" front page, called a wrap, each day this week.
My "torn paper painting" koi was chosen as the first piece this week. My photo and short bio also appear on the "actual" front page as well.
Home delivered art...what a great idea!!

Oct 22, 2010

Torn Paper Paintings now offered Online!!

My store page
 Today marks the beginning of a brand new venture with my Torn Paper Paintings.
I was contacted recently by someone who had discovered my art in a gallery. It turns out that this person owns and operates an online store called "Ocean Offerings" that specializes in products with the coastal theme.

She explained that she was interested in adding my art to her shop. What a nice surprise that was!

Store front page
We met to discuss how this would work and after taking care of what details needed to be tended to, I am now proud to announce my new association with this very cool online store.

I hope everyone follows the link above (as well as in the sidebar) to see all the cool items she sells.
Thanks Melinda....I look forward to working with you!

Oct 17, 2010

Double Koi

Well....I'm delighted to have finally completed a piece I've been working on for a while now. It's the first of my fish pieces to be done on the canvas.
My subject matter was drawn from photos I'd taken while visiting my friend Roc back in June. She has a wonderful little koi pond with some of the biggest koi fish I'd seen anywhere. I must have taken a hundred shots of them while standing on the little bridge that goes over the pond.
For this piece I combined fish from two different shots. I also decided that for this particular piece I would leave the underpainting in the upper left hand exposed since it seemed to add to the overall effect of the water.

Hope to make more from these lovely creatures. Roc....thank you for sharing your inspiration!

Oct 12, 2010

New Works

Been very busy in the artroom lately. Just finished and delivered a nice batch of new torn paper painting works on canvas to Collyer's Gallery in Mattapoisett, Ma.
If you're in the area.....stop by and have a look!!

Oct 3, 2010

Beaches everywhere

There has been such a demand for torn paper beaches that my art room is overflowing in the theme.
As you can see here...there's always a batch of beachscapes hanging on my easel....with more that you can't see in the works on my drafting table.
I'm almost caught up and have some new pieces all sketched out and ready to start playing with....can't wait.