Dec 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

No matter what or how you celebrate....I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a very Happy Holiday!!!

Dec 19, 2015

Oh My

Time certain has gotten by me. Yikes...can't believe how long it's been since my last post.
You know how this season can be....something going on all the time. Holidays are like that!
Trying to keep up with the everyday the art...and the's a wonder that the entire month didn't get past me. Oh yes...lets not forget having a root canal in the midst of this!!
Yes...I have certainly been busy.
The 3D ornaments I started last year were a big hit then...and again this year. Had to produce plenty of those.
Then I got into the spirit with some Christmas candy Torn Paper Paintings. They were such fun. Still actually working on a few.
This weekend has been the first where the weather has been chilly enough to remind us it's Dec in New England. Been it the upper 50's to 60 recently....and due to be that way next week. Predicted for Christmas Eve...60!!  We are going to be such babies by the time we get hit with snow....and we WILL!!
Odds are that I'll be distracted again for a, until the holidays are over and I surface again...have a wonderful holiday season!!

Nov 30, 2015

Open for Business!!'s been a long time in coming and a lot of hard work....but the new Torn Paper Paintings "Zazzle" store is now up and running.
I've spent many months working on setting this up in between doing my actual paintings along with all my promotional work.
I've also managed to receive and evaluate the quality of many of the products offered. I'd never allow my name to be placed on products that I couldn't stand behind and feel proud of. This is why I've done all the work with this shop personally.
Here is just a sampling of the products I've looked over personally.
So far...I've been proud of all of Yes...I'd stand behind them and this is why I've let the shop go "live" now!
We're just in time for the holiday shopping season.
Another thing I might add with that in mind.......they ship fast. I'm always soo impressed with how quickly I've received all my products.
I do hope you take the time to check out the store.
If you look at the "new products" section....every single day there are new items added. You may find them there even before I load them into the shop "category" they will be found in later.

I'm soo glad to be an artist in an age where possibilities like this are open for all of us to take advantage of to promote our work.
Soo...take a peek and let me know what you think, either here...or on the Torn Paper Paintings FB FanPage....of what you might love to find there sometime!!!

Nov 18, 2015

Busy Busy Busy

Yep....times flies sometimes.
It's that time of the year when you're not only busy with the usual stuff...but the holidays are all falling in on top of it.
With Thanksgiving right around the can only mean Christmas and Christmas shopping..etc. is soon to follow....,making it even busier.
Well....just wanted to let you know that I am indeed around. Part of my missing time has been in tending to a bad tooth. With the last of three dentists visits done....the plan of action is a root canal the first week in Dec....yuck.
I did at least get another Torn Paper Painting done while this was going on...Annabelle. Needed a new mermaid!!
Working on some holiday stuff now. Torn Paper Paintings Zazzle shop will be open for business very soon!!!
Stay tuned. I'll be posting the opening here shortly. You'll be able do some fun holiday shopping of lots of cool products with my painting images....just in time

Oct 21, 2015

Yes...more well as more veggies.
Been soo busy I almost forgot to post them here.

I may be ready to break from the veggies soon. They were a bit more fun than I anticipated.

Now, with the growing season over in New England....inspiration may not come so quickly for more. We'll see.

I also did another Klimt Korn piece. A "Kluster of Korn" you might
With Halloween right around the "korner"....guess it's fitting!

Oct 4, 2015

fun with Klimt

Klimt Korn
Not sure how it happened....but when creating a new fun piece....candy corn...Klimt came to mind.
How that happened with a little piece of candy, I'm not sure.
However...the marriage of the two seems to be a thing of beauty. Who knew.
I just love the patterns and the shiny gold & silvers. Perfect. I found myself carving more stamps to use with my Gelli Plates to create even more lovely papers for it.
I am now on a bit of a roll with some more Klimt inspired Torn Paper Paintings. Stay tuned.
I do believe a series is on the
You never know where inspiration will come from.
Sometimes the least likely places!!
Embrace it.

Sep 25, 2015


of  "corn"....Indian corn!!
A sure sign of fall...along with pumpkins. Hmmm....maybe I should consider painting pumpkins??'s another 3ft tall piece....colorful Indian corn!
I'm really enjoying working on these tall pieces.
This one makes a great match for the tall asparagus painting.
Hope they manage to find a home together!!

Sep 11, 2015

Larger than life!

I've always been drawn to art that displayed the most common items in a larger than life format.
Something about elevating the small things in life not normally thought about to the status of something extra large and important has always made me stop and think. Suddenly you recognize details and color and beauty that you hadn't even given a thought to before.
Well...when I woke up one morning with the idea of an "asparagus" painting in my mind...I just knew that this was one of those pieces.  I mean could it be anything less!!
Soo...this 3 foot asparagus paper painting was born.
I think it has quickly become one of my favorites at this point.
Certainly makes me appreciate all the detail and beauty in this simply little veggie!!

Aug 19, 2015

The big news is out!!!

Whew....I've been holding it in for at least 8 months now!!!
Back in Dec I was selected to be one of the featured artists in a new North Light Book....Incite 3, Art of Storytelling, Best of Mixed Media!!
By early Jan I had to have the image scans & all required paperwork in the mail.

Sooo....what kept me from saying anything then???  I'll tell you. There is always that little bottom line in contracts concerning publications letting you know that at the last minute, while things are being worked on and the formatting is happening....anything can change.
The last thing I wanted was to tell the world that I was going to be included in this book before I was completely sure that it all went well and that I would indeed be there.

That question was answered for me last night as I was flipping through the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.
There it was....the first ads for the new Incite 3 book....and the pics of my artwork....bold & beautiful!
I can't begin to tell you how exciting that not only have that confirmation, but to see it in the first ad for the upcoming book!!

I can now say a big "thank you" to all the people responsible for that ad since it has saved me many more weeks of waiting to announce this....considering even the pre-orders from Amazon have the date set for mid Oct.
I'm beyond excited to have been included as one of the featured artists in this book along with so many other fine artists. I'm sure we'll all be inspired by each others works.
I'm also honored to be in a publication as wonderful as North Light Books. I've been a fan of their books for many years and have a vast library of them.
It is so exciting to know that the next book I add to that collection...I'll be in! Feels sooo great!!!

Jul 29, 2015

A Very Small World always amazes me at how small the world really is...and even more so with the invention of the internet.

This realization became even more clear this past week. Can you imagine...waking up in the morning in New England, and having email from a lovely person in Tanzania! I know...this shouldn't be so surprising in this day and age....but it still tickles me!
The even better part...hearing from this nice person, Lynn, that she discovered my Torn Paper Paintings work online and it has become an inspiration to her. that's hard to beat!

Lynn's collage
Lynn happened to see my "Golden Bucket" which was a project I had done for one of Cloth Paper Scissors Emags. Being inspired by this and using only magazine pages, she then created her own version which she sent me this pic of.  Beautiful job!
We have since been in touch each day and have exchanged information about ourselves and our art and I've been able to answer more of her questions with regard to the technique to help her on her journey in this process.

As other artists know, when we do our art we work mostly in isolation. It's just the nature of things. We go about our art journey hoping that there are others out there we can reach and who will enjoy what it is we do...but seldom do we get the chance to connect with them.
To have another artist reach out from across the planet to comment on what we are doing and to share their interest is a very special thing.
I have truly enjoyed this unexpected connection and as an artist...couldn't ask for more than to hear that I have inspired someone else in their creativity.

In her own words... "Please do feel free to use these pictures to show others what your wonderful and very kind words inspired! This was really a great way to start a new art - not reinventing the wheel, but using your experience to create something I can be quite pleased with for a first attempt. Thank you again."

Lynn...thank you for taking the time to say hello!!

Jul 15, 2015

Got away again!!!

Time....yep. That's what keeps getting away from me.
Hard to believe that it's been a month since I last posted here....very sorry for that.
Guess it's hard to blame me though after the fierce winter we endured and now I've not only got lots of warmth and sunshine, but new gardens and beautiful deck as well.
Hey....a girls gotta get her vitamin D while she

I have been busy working as well though. Several more lovely Torn Paper Paintings done and I am also hanging in yet another new Tiverton, RI. The Barksfield Shop. In this location I am a bit more free with displaying a wider range of subjects.
While The Little Beach Gallery is partial to coastal themes....and I can certainly understand that....I now have a new home for some of the subjects that I like to create in between the others.
There will also be new things coming up "products"....made from my Torn Paper Paintings.
I decided that, since everyone on the planet can create a shop of their very own products now that we live in the world of the internet....I may as well do the same!!
It is not open for business just yet....but soon. It's a long time consuming project since I really want to be picky and not just pop my images on everything and anything they fit on. No. I want to be very selective about what I put out there. I want only quality products and images that work well with them. I've even ordered quite a few of the items in advance so I can do a good quality check on them.

Here's a quick peek.

I'll continue to pursue this and hope to have everything up and available in plenty of time for holiday shopping....hint :)
Till then....hope everyone is joining me in that vitamin D!!!

Jun 15, 2015

Opps...YES, it's done

In my excitement and the fact that I may have been distracted by it....yes....the new deck is done!!!
It finished up just this past I didn't really forget about showing you for tooo
It's just amazing. Even better than I could have hoped.
Since the weather was simply beautiful, we were able to enjoy it right away. We even went right out and bought a beautiful outdoor dining set to help furnish it just right!! Love it.

Also had a crafty moment and did a little DIY with creating some table lighting. Easy...lovely empty wine bottles and an inexpensive solar path light tucked into the top!! They look awesome at night!

Yes...I hope for many happy times to happen on this deck. it is pouring rain....sooo....will spend it in the artroom!!

May 27, 2015

It's happening!!

All that wood you saw in my last post ('s been awhile).....well, it's finally turning into a deck!!!
This has been a project soooo long in the works. I honestly can't believe that the end result is within sight.
The first part...the removal of the big inground pool was something that took a couple of years to finally track down the right person to do the job...and to do it with a little creative style. Didn't think that was too much to ask...but...oh well.  It finally happened last fall.
And...because we were on the ball right away last fall....we lined up just the right person to build the big new deck. After a few interviews, this terrific man, George, became the right choice.
Of course, because it was the fall....we had to wait until mid spring to actually see the start.
Thank goodness we lined him up when we did....he's been in high demand lately.
The beautiful deck began only a week ago, but I can already see the results. The crew is terrific and work together soo extremely well.
The deck is in two 12'x12' and then a step down to the 18'x30' level. After only five days of work, the entire framework is done and the smaller deck area is all done.
Right now we're into the slower more detailed work since I want special cable railings to take advantage of the water views. No problem. Don't want to rush perfection!
Until then....I'll just enjoy my evening glass of wine on the small level and dream of the soon-to-be-finished backyard project!

May 2, 2015

Next project....

Since the backyard no longer has the pool....the next, and hopefully final project, is to have a nice big deck built.
We've got the contractor, the contract is signed, and the wood just arrived at 6:30 this morning!!! Yes...a bit early....but I'm thrilled it's here.
The contractor has gotten the drawing done and submitted everything for the permit. Hopefully, within a week or so, we'll start to see something happen.
I've got my fingers crossed that we end up with the project done with plenty of time to enjoy a good part of the summer with it.
I've been having coffee on the deck in the my head...for a while now!!
Can't wait to see how it feels for real :)

Apr 27, 2015

Three weeks later.....

it's hard to believe that the snow is gone and the grass is green and I've been planting spring flowers for the past week!!!
We started the month of April with six or more inches of snow in the backyard...and we're ending the month with flowers and sunshine!!  After the winter we just had...I'd have never believed it.

Yes...this is the same yard....

I can also tell that spring has finally arrived by the fact that I've already made my first trip over to The Little Beach Gallery to drop off new Torn Paper Paintings work for the start of the season...and discovered that one of the larger "whale tail" paintings sold.

Hopefully the season is off to a great start and will continue to only get better.
I'm also enjoying my first spring with the new backyard...that is now "minus" the giant swimming pool. Yay!!!
I'm loving the new landscape and have already spent many hours gardening so that over the next few years it will all fill in and mature and look as if it's always been there.
Everything takes took forever (it seemed) to be rid of the snow. I think I can manage to relax and wait for the plants to grow.

Apr 2, 2015

Spring....I guess!!

Considered posting yesterday....but figured everyone might think it was an April Fools joke.
Yes...they tell me it's spring....really??
By the looks of my'd never know.
I'm hopeful that this will all change really soon. After all...even the Lowes store is starting to bring in spring plants....poor things!

Oh well....whether it "looks" like spring or's time to start preparing for it.
My first Torn Paper Paintings workshop of the season is only two weeks away.

Also time to get all my latest paintings ready for a run to The Little Beach Gallery to freshen up the wall for the new season. Lots of new pieces will be showing up there....including a new batch of minis. fabulous daughter...and brilliant webmaster...has almost fully completed the long overdue process of updating my website for me. I'm certainly at fault for not paying enough attention to it at times. Now...all the pics in the gallery are of "available" works.....all the sold pieces removed, and other pages freshened up!
Always busy with things in the works....but can't spoil all the surprises!!l
Onward....spring is here somewhere....I just know it.

Mar 15, 2015


Gotta love when two totally different creative processes come together!

I've done many coastal images in my Torn Paper Paintings over the years. As time went on I developed a line of them into fabrics which are sold on Spoonflower.

My husband loves to work in wood. Over the years he has created, in his basement workshop, numerous beautiful small boats, kayaks, canoes, etc. His latest project....a paddleboard.
Well....this time our projects came together.

For the design part of his board...he decided that my "Calypso" seahorse fabric would be just the thing. We discussed this and I went to the site and custom adjusted the layout and size of the images on the fabric for him.
The fabric was perfect. is now under glass cloth and epoxy and varnish. Shows through beautifully and has full protection!!
This was such fun. I hope we get to work together on something again.

NOW....if only we could get rid of this snow!!!

Mar 7, 2015

Spring ahead

I certainly hope so.
I hope really really hard that spring is right around the corner!!!
This has certainly been one of the hardest winters we've had in some time. Started out snow right through the holidays.

Then.....BAM....snow after snow after snow!! In fact...two blizzards within two weeks of each other!! Unheard of. Nearly 100" of snow within an 8 week time frame!! Yes...I'm waving a white flag.
Tonight we turn the clocks forward....SPRING AHEAD.
You don't know how hopeful I am that those words are true.
Today we got a temp above the freezing mark finally with a prediction of a week coming up in the 40's!!

OK...while that should...and normally would excite has created a whole new problem.
The thaw! AHHHH!!!
By afternoon today with the melting going on outside we were treated a the surprise of an ice dam. I spotted a puddle on the floor of the front foyer when I was coming downstairs, and when I looked up, the ceiling was covered in wet blotches!!!
Soo, with bowls on the floor to catch the water, I am now waiting for the roofer to come over on Monday to help clear things. Yes, it always happens on the weekend too!

So...yes....lets all cross our fingers that it is indeed a "spring" ahead moment coming up!

Feb 12, 2015

Summer Sun

No...there's really no "sun" to speak of around here.
It's a winter wonderland in New England right snow storm after another.
I believe there's been about four feet of snow throughout most areas in just the past several weeks!!
As I type....there's another foot due to hit in a little over 24hrs!!
Soo....what's a girl to do?? My remedy?? Color!! Time to hibernate in the Torn Paper Paintings artroom and create!!!
The latest splash of color...."Summer Sun".
Loved working on this one. Doing a triptych was something I had been wanting to do for a while. This subject matter seemed to be the perfect thing...not only for the 3 canvas panel format (three 4"x12")...but for that splash of summer!! Hey, a girl can dream!!
I'm sure summer will get here....someday.
The photo reference was one I took while over at the summer house last year. I discovered a big vase of sunflowers that had been left on the deck and thought they'd make an amazing painting someday....and they did.
I'm loving this one. Between the subject as well as the bits of glitz here and there, it reminds me of a cross between Van Gogh & Klimt. A perfect duo.
So....while I hunker down and wait for the next round of snow to fall....maybe I'll take a look through some more of my photos.
Who knows....the snow may lead to a series of flowers!!

Feb 3, 2015

It's the little things!

Very recently my sister-in-law Amy returned from a trip to Myanmar. From all the photos she took and descriptions she gave it sounded like a most amazing trip indeed.
Since she was due to return shortly before her brothers (my husband) birthday, she bought a gift for him while there.
It is a most amazing "sand painting" on fabric. The colors are simply brilliant and the texture is lovely. Will be needing to frame this up nicely.

But....she didn't forget me in the process!! Oh no!! She knows her SIL well!

No, she didn't buy need. All she had to do was wrap up that sand painting in just the right "paper"!! YES....a local Myanmar newspaper!!

The text is just stunning....curvy and beautiful. Love it. I can't wait to make use of it in some of the next Torn Paper Paintings!!! really is the little things.
Thank you Amy!!

Jan 26, 2015

Bubbles...and stars!

After I created the small champagne Torn Paper was on to a much larger commission piece based on that one.
The client wanted one very similar...but with one glass instead of the two.
The end result was a larger 15"x30" canvas....with the addition of some paper stars for balance.
Looking forward to seeing it in it's permanent home when they arrive back from warmer climates.

Hopefully, they'll stay warm a bit longer. We're in the middle of blizzard preparations now.
Blizzard "Juno" in just setting in as I type. Due for upwards of 30"of snow...and more then likely...days without power. Oh well....we were having a nice easy winter!!

Also...we just celebrated my husbands big 60th birthday!! The day is officially we'll sit by the fire this evening and quietly celebrate together tonight. I get to celebrate my big 60 this year as well...but not until I at least know the weather will be better :)

Jan 3, 2015

Welcome 2015

A brand new year to start fresh and make new memories!!
There is always soo much to look forward to in a new year. Travel, friends, opportunities, and all the unexpected surprises that make each year special!! I hope there are many grand ones for all of us!
I have new things in store for my Torn Paper Paintings....such as having my website updated soon as well as some special stealth projects in the works.
Also, my amazing husband and I both have a big...yes..Big birthday coming up this we'd like to take another wonderful trip in honor of that too. Also...we still have more of our big backyard landscape renovations to complete this year. I'm sooo looking forward to that as well.
Sooo....cheers to all of us.
Here's to a big year ahead!!!