Mar 21, 2011

Polka Dots maybe I did have one more of these left in
Guess I can always start a new subject tomorrow.....maybe.
Anyway, I really do like this one. Instead of a solid color pail, I decided on a cute little retro looking polka dot one! Added a bit of the water to the background as well.

Mar 16, 2011

More toys

In an effort to be ready for the upcoming summer season, which I can't wait for after such a long winter, I've been busy with more of the "beach toy" series. Here are a couple more I can share with you. I've gotten great feedback on these and expect them to do quite well.

I may break from them soon for a few other pieces I have prepped and ready to go. Who knows...maybe yet another series coming??

 It's fun when you get on a roll with a series of pieces that you enjoy doing. Helps to keep focus for a while and takes some pressure off of trying to figure out what the next subject will be.

Mar 7, 2011

Paper making

Yesterday I attended a fun and informative paper making demo at the Westport Art Group. The instructor was Wayne Fuerst who is not only a paper maker, but a cool potter as well. The pic of one of his beautiful papers!!
I've been making some of my papers for my Torn Paper Paintings...and I learned a number of new and cool interesting tips and tricks to play with. This was a great two hour program. Thanks Wayne for sharing your insight.

Mar 1, 2011

A little zen

Sometimes between my Torn Paper Painting projects I like to fit in a little bit of something else just to break things up and gain a fresh eye.
Having played a number of times with zentangles, which of course are just elaborate doodles we did as kids, I noticed that many many people were doing what they referred to as zendalas...making their doodles in a round form to mimic a mandala. How pretty.
This looked like just the project I needed to do a little personal "re-boot" so that I could come back to the paper paintings all refreshed.