Oct 12, 2016

Fading summer

It takes sooo long to get here that we try to hang onto every minute.
Yes...it's Oct....but here in New England we're just not ready to let go. Every morning I stroll through the flower gardens and take note of which ones are fading away. When I happen upon a nice sunny patch....I stand there taking in the warmth it still has to offer much the way my kitty still looks for that sunny patch coming in through the windows.
I'm taking one last swing at trying to hit a home run with the weather by spending a long "girls weekend" with some friends at the river house.
The tiny main house has a propane fireplace that is good for a bit of off & on warming of the place. The outdoor bedroom cabins have no heat....or insulation for that matter. For a bunch of 60ish gals....I give us points for still doing this. We'll have to see how many more years we've got though before our weekends wait for warmer temps...lol
I do plan to bring some of my Torn Paper Paintings supplies.....and maybe...as the temps. drop.....accept that fact that the seasons have changed, and start working on some ornaments too!!