Nov 2, 2013

Another Installment

 For the second time, my art has become part of a permanent collection at one of the locations for the Boston Children's Hospital!!
The first collection I became a part of was for their Weymouth, Ma location.
This time I was called about doing work for the hospital's newest No.Dartmouth, very own town!!

Well, months have gone by and the place is finally completed and running. All the art has been it was time to go and take a peek. I just adore the very Art Deco look of this building!

A lovely lady there greeted me and happily pointed out where all four pieces now hang in their new home. They've also all been given new matching wooden frames.
My seaturtle now greets everyone right in the main entrance/waiting room.

The two little birds...the plover and seagull keep each other company in the hall outside the exam rooms.

The whale tail has now found it's new home right inside one of those exam rooms!!

I'm delighted that my art will once again be in a place that will help to put smiles on lots of little faces!!

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