Dec 26, 2014

Time to breathe!!

Yes....seems the month of Dec flew by with all it's busyness and holiday festivities!!
With Christmas behind one day's becoming time to breathe a bit. That is....after all the clean up is
I find myself up to my ears right now in cleaning up the wrapping closet. It's amazing how much paper & ribbon sprawl can happen!! I think I finally have it all "under wraps"
I would love to have a good part of the clean up around here done by New Years!

I'm actually looking forward to some quiet time after the 1st of the year when I can sit back and plan.

I'd like to make plans for what will happen with my Torn Paper Paintings in the coming year....what I'll create & how differently I might promote it as well as what changes may come. Looking forward to big things.

I also want to plan for the rest of the backyard renovations such as the next step....the new deck as well as all the new plantings/gardening that will need to be done to enhance the new look.

Mark & I have also been talking about what we might like to do for a special treat for ourselves for both of us turning 60 this coming year!! We've been talking about planning another grand trip....maybe Greece or Ireland/Scotland.....or.....who knows. Fun to think about & plan.

Yes...2015 will be a banner year....I'm sure of it!!!
Sooo....until then.....I'm going to step back, breathe, and start planning!!!
Have a terrific New Year!!