Mar 27, 2012

Two with a view!!

Another iconic image of summer.

As with the little bucket & shovels, some images are just pure visuals of summertime.
When I was out back the other day taking reference shots by the pond of the buckets....I looked over at my colorful chairs and thought...why not!!
I just love colorful summer there's a very good chance these may become the next series!

Mar 18, 2012


The weather was sooo beautiful today it felt like spring. For New England to be topping 70's in March is far from the norm....but I'll take it.
It was a perfect moment to get outside with my trusty bucket & shovel to set up more reference shots for art pieces.
I went to the pond out back and after a few sandy shots I took it to the dock. Well....I guess I caught the interest of others nearby I hadn't noticed right away.
Before I knew it I had visitors!! They really did seem quite interested in what I was up to. Since they ended up giving me some unexpected reference shots themselves that may very well turn into future paintings....I rewarded them with a little snack.
 Something tells me they may visit again next time too!

Mar 11, 2012


With spring not too far away now...seeds of all kinds need planting.
a new little seed planted at Seeds Studio
I've been busy doing my "art seeding", with the joining of the co-op gallery to now...being part of a brand new gallery.
This lovely little gallery is not even a year old, but is in a great location on the coast of Maine in Wells. It is quite near Kennebunkport and Ogunquit.
What is especially meaningful is it's name...Seeds Studio.
As thir website explains, "Seeds Studio operates on the idea of planting positive seeds. Building upon the gifts, talents and abilities that each of us posses are the seeds we want to grow." of last week I have planted nine of my "Torn Paper Paintings" there....and I hope to watch things grow for all of us.
If you are in the area...stop by and take a peek. You'll enjoy what you see!
Check them out on FaceBook too...and be sure to "Like" them to keep up with what's happening!!