Sep 28, 2011

A fun visit

Today I received a visit from a dear art friend, Terri, aka Pringle Hill Studio. Having  been "online" art friends for a long time...this was only our second "in person" visit, but really, you'd never know it.
Terri has this warm bubbly personality that anyone who has met her before will be able to confirm. It was such fun to see her again. She and her husband were doing a road trip and going sooo close to my area that there was no way we could NOT get together!!!
We had met in person for the first time at another art friends house, Roc, a year ago. It was amazing how quickly people could feel like old friends from what they already knew of each other before ever meeting.
Having Terri here was such fun. It's always a treat to see someone's space and where they create and it was great fun to show her mine. I know that whenever I've seen another artists space, I picture them working there when I see new pieces.
Terri....we've both seen Rocs space and now you've seen mine. I hope sometime in the future I can travel down your direction and see where you create your stunning artwork as well.
Be sure to come back and visit anytime you're in the area!!
And.....thanks for the deli paper. You rock!!!

Sep 11, 2011

Another version

Click HERE for Download

Just wanted to pass along some information on the new eMag...Collage in Color.... from Cloth Paper Scissors.
 They have now created an iPad version and you can get the new downlond at the iTunes Store. How exciting. You're going to love the interaction in this much more than you can get from a print magazine.
I can't wait for you to see it and look forward to your thoughts.

Sep 3, 2011

Some Great News

After all the sadness that has happened over the last couple of's soo good to have a nice positive moment happen.
Some of you may remember that I'd been working on a special project back in June. It was one of my pail & shovel piece. Well....secret is now out. I have been featured in the very first issue of Cloth Paper Scissors eMag....Collage in Color!!!
You will totally LOVE this eMag. It's unlike your regular digital downloaded magazines. It's fully "interactive". You can watch videos...zoom in and out...see slide shows...and more!!
One of the coolest things you'll see is what was created with the pail & shovel piece. The editor had asked me to take photos all throughout the process...and what they created with them was a stop action you can watch as it's being made. Cool indeed!
There are many awesome features in Collage in be sure to let me know what you think after you've seen it.