Jun 16, 2016

A new twist

Happy Summer.
Seems it has finally arrived. Warm temps and flowers in bloom everywhere.
Luckily we had a mild winter...so the beautiful plants I placed in the new gardens last year had a great chance to thrive and make it back to spring easily. I'll not have to worry about them come this winter now.
As all things here have settled down and the creative little muse finally found her way back to me (it had been a long journey) I found myself in a bit of a playful mood with my current piece.
Yes...again, a "sea" theme....but with a twist. A whole new "dimension" you might say!
A fish...yes....but it's swimming "off " the canvas.
This was such fun to work on and such a playful way to come back after some very dark time here.
Made me smile the whole time I worked on it.
Not saying I'll do very many of these....but don't be surprised if you see a bit of "off the canvas" Torn Paper Painting every now and then :)