Jan 22, 2012

A New Video

Had a fun snowy day working on a newTorn Paper Painting video.
All the photos I used in this one are from the photos I took for a Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine project. I did all these shots of one of my works in progress and their staff created a stop action video for their new eMag...Colorful Collage.
While they did a lovely job and it was fun to see it in the finished eMag....I decided over the last several months that when I had a chance I'd use those photos and put one together myself.....one that was a bit slower to allow for seeing the steps a little easier. Still only about 2mins....but it's slower than the first version. Enjoy!!

Jan 17, 2012

Reeled In

I feel as if it has been ages since I've had some good quality art time. Of course, there was the trip to Paris, then the holidays took priority, and most recently time has been spent helping my mother-in-law with the move to her new place. Now...I believe...I've finally found that quiet winter timing to get back into the swing. This past week I got a couple of piece prepped and ready and, after a bit of fighting with this one....I think I've reeled him in. He did put up a good fight....but other than maybe a last minute tweek here or there after I live with him for a few days....I believe this fellow is done!! I've done koi and goldfish numerous times in the past...but this is my first "game" fish. A bass. I think I may try catching some other new fish after this one!! 
I've given you the "before & after" here. As you can see...the drips on the underpainting are unimportant as the entire fish gets covered in the paper. The underpainting is simply the road map.

Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I hope the new year is filled with joy and happiness for all.
This past year was one of great highs as well as extreme lows for most of my family. We all held tight and got through it. I know we all have to take the good with the bad and there are lessons in each for all of us....nevertheless....it is sometimes really difficult to understand this in the moment.
I am hopeful that we will all find more of the positives coming into our lives in this new year.
Time to set goals, look ahead, and start to move forward.
Hug all your loved ones and never take a moment for granted.
May there be much peace and happiness this year! ♥