Sep 9, 2013

Learning a new trick!!, who hasn't seen the movie "Mall Cop"?? Maybe nobody!! And let's be honest....didn't you really end up wanting to get your hands on a Segway?? Seriously...who hasn't wanted to try one??
I know I have!
Well...recently I received an email from Groupon that gave me an opportunity too hard to resist.
There is a new little local business in Providence, RI that is giving tours of the city by Segway!!! Yes!!  It's appropriately  named "Providence Segway Tours" and it is run by a nice young man named Andrew who goes to Johnson & Wales University. Yes...doesn't hurt that Andrew looks a bit like a young Leo

It was not as if we needed a tour of Prov. RI since it's actually pretty nearby and my husband in fact grew up in that was more for the chance to try the segways!!
We called and made the appointment and booked it for a Sunday afternoon. They take folks out in groups of four, so there was one other couple along for this run.
You meet at the Prov. ice rink...and at first it doesn't look easy to see where they are...but our guide, Andrew, came out and waved us in.

We were shown one at a time how the vehicles operate and then given a bit of time to get a little practice running around the ice rink before hitting the streets with Andrew.
What a blast. They are a bit tricky for the first few minutes...but once you get a handle on how it's a great way to take the tour.
Andrew had done his homework on mapping out the best routes to take people to show them some sights while keeping city traffic in mind as well as curbs and ramps, etc.
If you were a tourist and wanted something fun and unusual to do while staying in and around the city of Providence....this would be the ticket!!
Always fun to learn something new....not only about the place you're visiting...but a new skill as well!!

Ooh...and yes, of course...I had to throw in a pic of the old "Superman" building. Yes it is....the very same one that used to be at the beginning of the superman series on TV. If you're as old as I've seen it!!

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