Mar 30, 2019

Just in time

Yes, despite all my good intentions to keep up with things here, I barely made it to have at least one posting for the month of March. I'm trying...really.

Things have been busy and I've been making and showing art. In fact, my great 4 ft. whale tail, Triton, was hung in the place of honor at a juried show in Jamestown, RI. I was so delighted. Yes, Torn Paper Paintings made a big splash at that show!!Also, as promised, an update on the restoration of the "Hotpoint" neon sign for the Hotpoint Emporium Gallery in Bristol. It's looking amazing. I personally can't wait for it to be installed back onto the front of the building again and shine in all its' glory. Yes, we are still in serious need of donations toward the cost of this restoration, so any and all help you can give to our "go fund me" page would be greatly appreciated.

Also...just look at these amazing pieces of pieces of jewelry. They were made by one of our gallery artist out of some of the original remaining pieces of glass from the sign.
All proceeds from the sales are going toward the funding. What a brilliant idea.
I may need one myself.
Well, April is around the corner and I promise to try to post a bit more fooling :)