Jun 15, 2015

Opps...YES, it's done

In my excitement and the fact that I may have been distracted by it....yes....the new deck is done!!!
It finished up just this past Thursday....so I didn't really forget about showing you for tooo long..lol
It's just amazing. Even better than I could have hoped.
Since the weather was simply beautiful, we were able to enjoy it right away. We even went right out and bought a beautiful outdoor dining set to help furnish it just right!! Love it.

Also had a crafty moment and did a little DIY with creating some table lighting. Easy...lovely empty wine bottles and an inexpensive solar path light tucked into the top!! They look awesome at night!

Yes...I hope for many happy times to happen on this deck.
But....today it is pouring rain....sooo....will spend it in the artroom!!