Dec 31, 2008


Just want to wish everyone a very
Happy New Year!!!

Dec 29, 2008

One more under the wire

The last cupcake piece for this year!
Since I want to try bigger pieces using this paper painting process, I figured I'd get myself rolling, now that the holidays are almost over, with a slightly larger 5"x7" piece.
This was a good warm up. I ran into several spots where I had to completely redo what I'd done because it simply didn't look right to my eye.
I'm pretty satisfied with the end result and ready to start the new year with something other than a cupcake.....unless it's the edible

Dec 24, 2008


As I take the time to finish up all those little last minute things...some items to wrap.....something to bake....a visit to make.....I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to all!!!!!

Dec 22, 2008


Last evening ....after a long day of snow, sleet, and rain....temps at freezing.........this is what I found on a bush just outside my door as we were saying good night to frends who had been visiting.
Ice....icicles.....real ones!!!! The Christmas lights on that bush gave these amazing icicles a beautiful glow.
OK....I don't much like this weather....but you've got to find the good parts of it since you can't do much else about it!

A little art time

With all the holiday events and errands and stuff going on it's almost impossible to find a bit of art time. Whew!!! Finally took a few moments.
Not quite sure what took me in the Goth direction...but is art! It just felt good to do something....anything!!!
It's this time of the year that always has me looking a bit forward to January. It's a slower time and the holidays are over and you spend more quiet time indoors.
I'm looking forward to a big fat overdose of art right about then!!

Dec 20, 2008

Lot's of the white stuff!!!

Snow....snow...and more snow!!!

I went outside last night during the storm to take these pics. I had intended to post them right away....but as luck would have it, before I could get the post up online....the power went out. DANG....I hate when that happens. I was afraid to turn the computer on again after that for fear that it would keep going on and off....which the power did! Sooo...I went to bed

The pics are even nicer to look at if you click on them to enlarge them. The last pics I'd taken were of my back yard. I took the front this time.

The first one is a shot of my husband after he'd shoveled just enough of the walk to actually get out of the breezeway and into the front.

The next is of the lighted deer out front. He was actually the reason we went out in the first place. The large tree near him had gotten some very heavy branches and were threatening to knock him out.

The next pic is a shot of some of the lights in the front of the house. I love the way the lights shine through the snow.

The next one is of the gazebo further up front in the yard. It looked so beautiful with the lights shining through the huge pine branches.

The last pic is one that I took as I was coming back into the breezeway. I just stopped in my tracks. I think that this is just sooo pretty.

We have a small lighted tree in the breezeway and the glow from the tree onto the panes of glass on the window and door to the back yard looked so lovely with all the snow on them.

I'm thinking that this may be a shot for making my Christmas cards for next year.

Well....I can hear my dear hubby out there with the snowblower right now. Guess I'll go out and help for a least brush off the cars!!

Dec 16, 2008

Our Tree

Finally......we've got our tree up and decorated. On Sunday we went out and bought a tree for our house and picked up another for my in-laws. We took their tree to them that afternoon and got it set up in it's stand and the lights on. We then came back home and made sure ours was all set with enough water and such, but were due out to a friends for dinner.

Sooo.....last evening we finally got a chance to decorate it. I will admit to getting just a touch sappy since this is the first year that we've had an empty nest at Christmas.
Our youngest daughter is now in her own place and fully enjoying her first Christmas on her own....but it's going to take a bit of time to get used to.

I guess we all know that this day will come....but there really is no way to really be ready for it.
*heavy sigh* It certainly is tough for parents to grow up! :)

Dec 12, 2008


Well....I've made my first Moo's. Yep...that's what they're called. Tiny cards that measure 1 1/8" x 2 3/4". These are "chunky" moos because they have all manner of chunky bits attached. From dimentional pieces on the cards to eyelets with fibers and charms and stuff dangling at the bottom.
These are for a special chunky moo booklet swap. I do hope the hostess and players enjoy these.
I found a sweet little cow stamp and made some cute little shrink plastic charms from it to dangle as real "moos"!

Dec 8, 2008

Peek-a-Boo Kitty maybe I'm having tooo much fun with the shrink plastic....but you've got to admit....isn't this cute??
I've been doing one experiment after another and when these two came together, well, it was a purrrrfect match!

I'm not sure if little kitty is thinking "snack" or if he's just enjoying watching the birdie.

I decided that this one had to become a new addition in my Etsy shop. Of course I made one for ME too!!
Ahhhh.....what will be next??!!?

Dec 7, 2008

Visuals of the season certainly is beginning to "look" like the Christmas season.
Yesterday was the day of the Christmas fair sponsored by our local art group and held at their gallery.
MMmmmm, lucky me, I got to work the bake table! Will power....yep, had to have it!! I only had one cookie for the drive home later! Whew!!!

Now, this morning I awoke to a lovely visual. The first snow of the season!

Just a tiny bit....but enough to make everything look just beautiful! This first pic is the view from my bedroom window. It almost looks like a black & white picture, except, if you click on it to enlarge, you can just see a hint of color from a bit of grass showing through on the right and a tiny view way down on the beach level of a hint of the pink and green chairs that are still down there.

The second pic is another view from upstairs from a front facing bedroom. This is what the red maple tree looked like this morning! What a treat this all way.
I don't mind snow in this amount. Just enough to look pretty for a little while but not enough to have to worry about getting around in!

Dec 3, 2008

Celestial Treat

Well....while this pic may not look like much to is actually an amazing sight. I took this on Monday evening Dec. 1st.
What you are looking at is the moon....along with Venus & Jupiter.

This is said to be the best planetary gathering of the year, simply because it involves three of the brightest objects in the sky after the sun. It had been reported about all over the world.

What a beautiful sight. I must have taken a dozen pictures...but it was only this one, my Last one, that caught the moment! Just thought I'd share!

Dec 2, 2008

More art

With the holiday weekend and all the shopping and stuff going on right now it's sometimes hard to fit in some art that is just for the fun of it.
Well....finally did one! On one of my sites there was a collage sheet put out for coming up with something for a trade this Friday.
The text I used for this postcard says...."Saying goodbye to the body we knew or growed used to".
I just loved that. I used the eyes I have for my now I can really relate to those words!