Jul 29, 2010


As with all things, there is a natural progression and evolution.
This is now true with my art pieces as well. I have been doing my torn paper art on a heavy 200lb watercolor paper and then framing them under glass with spacers between the art and the glass. A very time consuming process to say the least.

I have wanted to experiment a bit more to find a process I liked that would allow for less framing time and more art time.

I may have it. Stretched canvas.
I've just tried my first experiment with this and I like the effect. This beachscape is on a stretched canvas. With the protective coat of varnish over the work it is able to skip the framing.

I quite like the less formal look of this and the more casual "beach cottage" feel.
Onward....more experiments to come!

Jul 24, 2010

Little Beach

Thought I'd show you a picture of my most recent "little" beach.
There's just something about the coloring and the textures in this one that I like quite a bit. May be be one of my most favorite little pieces so far.

Jul 20, 2010

My Own Papers

Spent a lovely day today making papers. I'm still quite interested in making more of my own hand made papers for using in my torn paper paintings.
I had a great time experimenting with different papers and inclusions....not to mention the different thicknesses.
The greenest paper you can see here in the bottom row has pink added to it, which I did with some pink slurry I'd had from a previous day of experiments. I dropped the pink into the vat before pulling up the mould.

For some of the pieces you can see fibers from adding pieces of raffia to the mix.
Making paper is a bit of a messy process...but doing it on a hot summer day isn't all that bad!!

Jul 14, 2010

Month of Shows

Every July I can count of things getting pretty busy. This year is no exception.
Seems all the art venues want to have openings during the month....but at least I'm ready for them!!
Soo....my art show schedule is as follows.....

A group show at ArtWorks Gallery - theme-
"The Edge" Juried Exhibit
384 Acushnet Avenue
...Downtown New Bedford, MassachusettsDates: July 17 - September 4, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, July 24th 3-5pm
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12-5 pm

Little Compton Summer Art Show
Community Center - Little Compton Commons
Artist reception: Friday, July 16th 6-8pm
Gallery Hours: 17th & 18th 10-4pm

Westport Art Group - Community Show
Preview Party: Thurs. July 22nd 5-7pm
Gallery Show runs July 23rd - Aug. 1

Jul 12, 2010

Great Blue

Just as I was getting some art pieces ready to take over to an upcoming show, I looked out the window and saw a visitor on the dock. A Great Blue Heron.
I've seen them visit the dock before, but they always catch me trying to take a pic and they fly away.
Guess I was just quiet enough as I creeped behind some bushes on the far side of the pool and set my zoom so I didn't have to get too close.
Managed to grab one shot before he caught on and decided to leave. Wish I could have set the camera to movie mode fast enough to catch his flight. The wing span and the sound he makes would have been terrific to get.
Maybe next time I'll just have it set to movie mode and let him see me right away!

Jul 6, 2010

Unexpected visitor

Well....it's amazing what you'll see happen at an impromptu pool party where temps crack 100.
With a big pool in the backyard and visiting relatives around on such a hot day...we had the crowd spend the afternoon here to visit and keep cool.

Suddenly...the sound of ice-cream truck music could be heard and one of the kids bolted up the driveway to catch it. Well.....catch it she did..lol

The driver knows a good thing when she sees it and decided to come right on down the driveway and make those goodies available and tempting to the whole crowd...which she had no trouble doing by the way.

Only trouble she had was a little in the "backing up" part. Curves in the long driveway make that a little bit of a challenge. Had to do a little video of that part of it. Certainly made for some entertainment and now all the kids think we're a regular stop for the ice-cream truck...lol