Mar 10, 2016

Once again....Reverse stamping - a Gelli trick

This little posting gets an amazing amount of traffic.
In over a year and a still get more visits than any other posting I've done.
For that reason....I'm reposting it for those who have not found this one yet.
It's a great little Gelli trick and well worth sharing. Enjoy!!!

Have you ever wished that the image on one of your rubber stamps faced the "other" direction??
Or...maybe you wanted the images to face each other!!
Yeah...we all have from time to time.
Well....I've got another little "Gelli Plate" trick to do just that....reverse stamping.

roll paint then stamp
I do it using acrylic paint because that's what I like....and when I want the images to be used in my Torn Paper Paintings....acrylic works best with the gel medium.

First...if you're using the image in it's "intended" position....using a brayer, roll on a layer of paint and stamp the image normally.
Here, I'm stamping on one of my Gelli printed envelopes.

Click for larger pic

Then...for reversing the image....roll the acrylic paint on again...only this time, carefully stamp the image onto the Gelli Plate. I love using my 3"x5" for this. You see the image on the gelli as you would if you'd stamped it on paper....but, once you "flip" the Gelli to use as a stamp....the image is automatically reversed! stamp....two images!!!

Mar 2, 2016

Catching up

Click on pics for larger images
My goodness...every time I come here I realize just how long I've been absent.
Time to catch up on things.
The last visit I was showing you my new addiction to making gel skins. Yep...I've made them and added some to my Torn Paper Paintings. A very cool addition to the mermaids which you can see in this pic.
I've also been working on a new collection of prayer flags.
A small art group I'm part of is doing this as a monthly ourselves. I needed a brand new I'm in!!
I've decided that every month I would make for me and the other to send to Martha's Vineyard to my SIL Amy who I spoke of in an earlier post. She's the person I feel would find these the most meaningful.
Here is a pic of my Jan & Feb flags. For the March flags I'm required to learn "French knots" I haven't gotten started on that yet.
Here in New England...even though they've mentions "snow" for this week...I doubt it'll be much and we can feel spring right around the corner. There have been many days in the 50's and all the swans & geese are back in the pond behind my house.
Because I can feel the weather changing....I've started on some warm weather images in my Torn Paper
They are just mini's right now....larger pieces will come the weather gets warmer. YUM!