Jun 15, 2019


Actually, it's "Wild Flowers" to suit the mood that I've been in over the last few weeks.
If you read the most recent posting, my PSA regarding skin cancer, you'll understand. While dealing with a broken leg and multiple Mohs surgeries for the skin cancer, I've been feeling a bit "wild".
Things that I start thinking about creating end up taking a turn for the more unusual. Honestly, it's sort of a good thing.
Every now and again you have to step out of your own way and let things happen, and since so much was happening to me physically that I had no control of, I decided to let loose of the control with my Torn Paper Paintings as well.
To my surprise and excitement, I love them.
My "wounds" are healing and I'm beginning to feel a bit more normal, whatever that is, but I believe I've been learning something, both about myself as well as my art.
I hope to be about to step out of my own way a bit more often.
You never know what surprises await.