Oct 3, 2017

A new season

Not only do I now have a new website (which I hope everyone has checked out) but it's a whole new season too.
Fall is in the air. You can feel the temps drop in the evening and a chill in the air in the morning.
Time to consider bringing in the plants that spend the summer outside.
I've also been busy working on torn paper paintings to be able to give a whole new look to the wall at The Little Beach Gallery.
This red & white Sea Buoy is one of them.
I had found a book about shipwrecks that had been type written and felt this was the perfect thing for the background that has the feel of a turbulent sea. The Gelli printed pages with the blue swirls gives it a bit of a Van Gogh appearance.

Another style I've been doing is a "Birds Eye" view.
This one is my second..."Birds Eye - Beach Road". Love the look and feel of these.
The other bonus, you can hang it in any direction...vertical or horizontal.
So, it can work in almost any spot you have open for a painting.

So, with fall in the air, a new season of work is being created. Lots of time in the studio, but it feels good to have my muse working overtime.
At the same time, I'm also planning a nice extended weekend trip with my husband to New Orleans.
Yes....a short Thurs. to Mon. trip. I think it'll be a lovely break for both of us. A chance to kick back and have some fun. I also have an art friend who lives there and can't wait to get together with her as well.
The bonus...it's in Nov. So, living here in New England, I know for certain that we'll also have a bit of warmer weather there too!!