Sep 30, 2016

Sept....umm...almost Oct it really the last day of Sept already???
Where in the world did it go? Geesh....getting at least one post in here this month just under the wire.

While I may have been absent from my blog....I was certainly busy working on more Torn Paper Paintings. During the month I created Coffee Time & Tea Time as well as Daisies. Two more new ones are in the works as we speak.

With the feel of autumn in the air now I'm sure the work will take on the new season soon.

The latest happening for this month has been the opportunity to see a friend that lives far from me and I haven't see in years. My lovely friend Terri and her husband Jim were vacationing in this area. I was lucky enough to be able to go off and meet them for the afternoon. Such a joy.
We started out our visit by meeting at The Little Beach gallery in Hyannis!!
How lovely to be able to have my art and my friend in the same place that has been so great for my creative journey all this time.
A memorable day and a great way to wrap up the month.
Looking forward to what wonderful things the new month will bring.